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Radiology In IndiaRadiology In India
Indian Journal of Radiology Imaging

The Official Publication of the IRIA, it is a quarterly publication. The full text of the journal is available online since 1999.

The journal was started in February 1947 at Chennai, soon after the re-formation of the IRA. Dr. Rama Rao and Dr. K M Rai were the joint editors. The journal was shifted to Mumbai in 1950 under the editorship of Dr. K P Modi. Dr. Madan Lal Aggarwal and Dr. O P Bhardwaj later took up the reins of the journal and carried on till 1976. Maj. Gen. S K Dhawan was elected editor in 1980. He was followed by Dr. Mukund Joshi and then Dr. Om Tavri.
The current editor in chief is Dr. Bhavin Jankharia. To view the journal online Click here.



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