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REF Events : Pediatrics Radiology Session (19th December 2007)

  • The Pediatrics Radiology Session was held on 19th December 2007 (Wednesday) at KEM Hospital, MLT, Lower Parel, Mumbai.
  • The program was as follows:


3.00PM - 3.45PM Introduction to Pediatric Radiology    Dr. Soni Chawla
3.45PM - 4.30PM Congenital GI imaging                Dr. Soni Chawla
4.30PM - 4.50PM
4.50PM - 5.30PM Neonatal chest                                         Dr. Ravi Ramakantan
5.30PM - 6.15PM Neonatal chest Dr. Soni Chawla
6.15PM - 7.00PM Case reviews Dr. Soni Chawl



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