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REF Scholars

REF Scholars :

The REF scholarships were instituted with 3rd RRC 1998 , to help young radiologists attend international and national conferences and to encourage them to aspire to greater heights.

We decided to judge them on the basis of a quiz that was spread over three days during the conference. On the first day we had the written eliminations with 30 questions and 20 seconds per question. Of these eight candidates were chosen for the semi-finals. The semi-finals had multiple rounds, including a last common round of "flashers" (slides which are flashed for 10 seconds for an answer). From these eight, five students made it to the finals. These were
Sanjeeva Prasad , Roy D'Souza, Sunita Savla, Nitin Singh and K. Alagappan.

The finals again were held as multiple rounds with a last "flasher" round. Sanjeeva Prasad won hands down and had 80 points, followed by Roy DíSouza with 35. Thus Sanjeeva Prasad became the 1998 REF Scholar for the RSNA, 1999 and Roy DíSouza became the 1998 REF Scholar for the IRIA, 2000.

The 4th RRC, 99 also had three rounds for the quiz. In the first round, 30 spots were shown and all particpants had to write down their answers. Eight semi-finalists were selected, followed by five finalists. In the semi-finals, there were five modality-based rounds. In the finals, there were five organ-based rounds, followed by a buzzer round, in which 16 spots were shown.

In the 5th RRC, 00, the method of the quiz was changed a little bit. The eliminations had 30 questions, most of which were images, but some direct questions. Of these, 10 individuals were chosen for the semi-finals, which consisted of 15 questions for each round of 5 doctors. All questions were "on the buzzer", i.e. the person who pressed the buzzer (in this case pressed the bulb for the light) the fastest was allowed to answer. Questions were passed on provided the other participants had pressed the buzzer before the time was up. Mansi Awasthi, Prasad Beeraka, Anand Rahalkar, Titty Thomas Zachariah and T Vidyullata made it into the finals. The final were conducted in the same way as the semi-finals and in a nail-biting finale, Prasad Beeraka from Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences and Anand Rahalkar from B J Medical College, Pune won the first and second prizes

The quiz format was unchanged for the 6th Residents' Review Course. The prizes however were changed keeping in mind the difficulty that people have of going to the US, etc. The first prize was Rs 60,000 and was won by Dr. Kartik Ram and the second prize of Rs 15,000 was won by Dr. Jyoti Kumar. This year the first prize was named after Dr. Prashant Shetty and from now onwards will be called "The Prashant Shetty REF Quiz Award"


We would like to increase the scope of these scholarships to include training for short and extended periods in India and abroad. We will try and do this on our own accord, but we welcome like-minded radiologists and individuals who would like to help.
Please contact REF for more information and to initiate a dialogue.



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