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REF Events : 1st MRI Review Course

1st MRI Review Course

The conference attracted around 200 delegates, who had a great time listening to experts on various newer aspects of MRI imaging. The program is as below.


Day 1 - 05 Apr, 2002  
The absolute basicsDeepak Patkar45m
Neuro and Head & Neck9.45AM-6.00PM  
What's new in neuroradiologySuresh Mukherjee60m
Break  15m
Stroke - current state-of-the-artSrinivas Desai45m
Cranial nervesSuresh Mukhrjee45m
SpectroscopySrinivas Desai30m
Lunch 75m
Avoiding misdiagnosis in neck imaging: understanding the spaces of the head and neckSuresh Mukherjee45m
TM jointBhavin Jankharia30m
Break  15m
Larynx cancer: what the clinicians need to know Suresh Mukherjee45m
Eye & orbitSuresh Mukherjee45m
Film Reading SessionSuresh Mukherjee45m

Day 2 - 06 Apr, 2002  
Classification of sequencesMilind Dhamankar45m
Chest & Cardiac9.45AM-1.15PM 
Congenital cardiac diseasesUdo Sprengel45m
Break  15m
Non-cardiac chestBhavin Jankharia30m
Valvular heart diseasesUdo Sprengel45m
Break  15m
Ischemic heart diseaseUdo Sprengel45m
Questions & answersUdo Sprengel15m
Lunch 75m
ShoulderMini Pathria60m
HipHarsh Shah45m
Break  15m
KneeMini Pathria60m
AnkleMini Pathria45m

Day 3 - 07 Apr 2002  
ArtifactsMilind Dhamankar45m
Bone marrowMini Pathria45m
Break  15m
Bone & soft tissue neoplasmsMini Pathria45m
Film ReadingMini Pathria60m
Lunch  60m
Abdomen & Pelvis1.30PM-4.30PM 
LiverBharat Aggarwal45m
MRCPAnirudh Kohli45m
Break  15m
Abdominal vascular imagingBharat Aggarwal30m
MR UrographyBhavin Jankharia30m
Adrenal gland - use of chemical shift imagingAnirudh Kohli20m
Break  15m
Ovaries & uterusBharat Aggarwal45m
Perianal fistulaeBhavin Jankharia25m







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