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REF Events : 2nd Chest Radiology Review Course (HRTC Lung)
2nd Chest Radiology Review Course (HRCT Lung)

The 2nd chest radiology review course focussed on HRCT of the lungs for one whole day. Around 150 doctors participated. The program was as follows


16 February, 2002   
HRCT Basics 9.00AM-10.30AM  
Principles & techniques Bhavin Jankharia 30m
Anatomy & techniques Bhavin Jankharia 45m
Break  15m
ILDS 10.30AM-2.45PM  
Plain radiographs Ravi Ramakantan 30m
ILDs Anirudh Kohli 60m
Break  15m
Lunch  90m
Pattern approach to HRCT interpretation Bhavin Jankharia 60m
Break  15m
Bronchial Diseases 2.45PM-4.15PM  
Plain radiographs, bronchography Ravi Ramakantan 45m
HRCT in bronchial diseases Bhavin Jankharia 45m
Break  15m
Cases, quizzes, Q & A Cases, quizzes, Q & A  





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