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REF Events :

Master Class Wrist and Finger 50
Comprehensive course on MR Imaging of Wrist and Finger: From basics to Specifics - 22nd December 2019

This course is for Radiologist and Orthopaedics [Hand] Surgeons

22nd December 2019 
Bellisima Banquets, Mumbai

Early bird Registration starts: https://imjo.in/chCyc5

Limited seats

This course will be conducted by Dr Khushboo Pilania

- Pre- course learning with selected material and cases circulated to the delegates in advance
- Individual workstation based workshop 
- Detailed review of the MR anatomy 
- Exhaustive case based review of the various pathologies of the wrist and finger
- How to get your scans right?  

By the end of the session - The delegates will not leave the wrist/finger scans for their colleagues to interpret.  

Basic Programme

Discussion of the 30 cases given in advance
This will include
- Wrist pathologies and protocol
- Thumb pathologies and  protocol
- Finger pathologies and protocol  

Tea Break  

30 more cases for interpretation 
Discussion of these 30 cases






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