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REF Events : Rad 2023 - The Future of Radiology - 13th July to 14th July 2018

Venue: Radisson Blu Plaza, Delhi

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Radiology and imaging is at an inflection point right now, poised for tremendous growth and disruptive changes due to rising demand, increasing knowledge about evidence-based diagnosis, introduction of value-based healthcare, and the emergence of artificial intelligence. With this in mind, Radiology Education Foundation and Express Healthcare are organizing Radiology 2023, a conference on the Future of Radiology. It will be held in Delhi on July 13-14  on the sidelines of Healthcare Senate 2018. The Key topics for discussion include:

  • Artificial Intelligence in radiology
  • Adding ‘Value’ in Radiology
  • Key drivers of Radiology in 2023
  • Patient first approach

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