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REF Events :

Multi-Disciplinary Session on Interstitial Lung Diseases -

Due to logistical reason the Multi-Disciplinary DLD Session is postpone for now. Fresh dates will be announced soon

This course is for Radiologist and Pulmonologist

Venue: Courtyard by Marriot, Ahmedabad

Early Bird Registration: With book* Rs.4500 | Without book Rs.3500

Only 30 Seats available

*Avail conference offer "Computed Tomography of ILD" book available for Rs.1000 only. MRP Rs.1195/-.

This course will be conducted by Dr Bhavin Jankharia

Teaching Points
At the end of the session, the delegate will be able to:

  • Identify ILDs,

  • Differentiate fibrosing from non-fibrosing ILDs

  • Differentiate among the common non-fibrosing ILDs, with a focus on hypersensitivity pneumonitis and sarcoidosis

  • Identify a few uncommon and rare ILDs such as pleuroparenchymal fibroelastosis (PPFE)

  • Differentiate different fibrosing ILDs based in the new ERs-ATS criteria





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