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About REF


To achieve all our aims, we need help in all forms. We need funding, which allows us to carry out all our programs. We need help in kind (books, CDROMS, videos).We need inspirational help (advice, organizational help, etc.).

Corporates can help only to a certain extent. Except for a few companies, not many believe that resident education is worth sponsoring. None is willing to bear the cost of the " REF scholars", as of yet.

Since we are academic, it is difficult to get further funding by having a trade exhibition (in any case with the kind of packed program that they have, the residents would have no time to attend to the trade, anyway).

We have tried to manage a bit with registration fees, but there are obvious limits to this. With registration fees of Rs. 300 (1st RRC) and 500 (2nd RRC), which comes to 8$ and 12$ respectively, it is difficult to run entire conferences on just registration fees. An obvious response would be to further increase registration fees, but with resident salaries the way they are, this is easier said than done.

We believe that donations from radiologists in India and abroad will go a long way in helping us build a corpus to fund our activities. Any contribution is welcome. For Indian radiologists, a further incentive is that we have 80(G) exemption, thus helping in tax planning. All contributions (in cheque or draft) should be sent in the name of the "Radiology Education Foundation", to F, 1st Flr, Bhaveshvar Vihar, 383 Sardar V P Rd, Mumbai 400 004. Please contact info@refindia.net for more information, if required.

We are also instituting REF scholarships in the names of individuals or institutions. Thus, If any individual / institution is interested in doing so, please get in touch with us at info@refindia.net. Thus Sanjeeva Prasad could have been the "(name of individual/institution) REF scholar for 1998"




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