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Matweb Ultrasound Index Archive is a website with interesting content at http://matweb.hcuge.ch/matweb/endo/cours_4e_MREG/Ultrasound.htm. This index contains a variety of guidelines, statements, opinions on the practice of Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Material such as "Standard for the performance of antepartum obstetrical Ultrasound (inclusive of ACR, Generating ultrasound scan charts for estimating the date of delivery, Diagnostic Ob-Gyn Ultrasonography by Family Physicians (AAFP), Doppler ultrasound for fetal assessment in high risk pregnancies (Cochrane Collaboration), Level II Ultrasound" etc are all available here.

Online Textbook of Sonography is available at http://userpages.umbc.edu/~mccormac/topicfr.html. The topics covered are of common interest and wide ranged. They include embryology, endometrium, fetal genitourinary and skeletal anomalies, and infertility. Besides this there are links to educative material on Ultrasound from Creighton University Medical Center, early ultrasound findings in normal pregnancy, early pregnancy failure - anembryonic gestation (blighted ovum), bleeding in early pregnancy - threatened abortion, ultrasound evaluation of suspected ectopic pregnancy.

Ultrasound Review from Monash University is available at http://www.usreview.com.au. This is an interactive journal featuring the latest ultrasound research and new applications. The online page highlights the reviews from the latest journals. Besides there are sections on book reviews, education, journals, new equipment and professional association

4. Obstetrics Ultrasound Net at http://www.ob-ultrasound.net/ is a popular site that has won many awards. The site, which is a brainchild of Dr. J S.K. Woo from Hong Kong, is a comprehensive guide to ultrasound for patients, students, medical practitioners and other healthcare workers. Attractive sections such as a) News and Views on the latest in Ultrasound scans at http://www.ob-ultrasound.net/news.html b) History of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology at http://www.ob-ultrasound.net/history.html and c) Fetal Anomaly reference section at http://www.ob-ultrasound.net/anomaly.html are recommended.

Ultrasound from Obgyn Net at http://www.obgyn.net/us/us_main.htm is a site with impressive material on a host of issues in Ultrasound. There are many subsections on ultrasound abstracts, feature articles, global Ob/Gyn ultrasound abstracts, special features and informal cases. Besides these there are information available on conference and CME information and discussion forums. "Hot Finds" is a section linking few new website that are interesting to Ultrasonologists.

6. Ultrasound In Pregnancy Web Book at http://www.drapplebaum.com/ is a website created by M Applebaum from Chicago. The website features on topics such as the Uterine Biophysical Profile, Ultrasound In Infertility Web Booklet at http://www.drapplebaum.com/art.htm and the ultrasound and the Menopause Web Booklet at http://www.drapplebaum.com/menopause.htm

Dr Diaz`s Home Page at http://www.drgdiaz.com/ is an informative site on a wide range of issues starting with basics of sonography (ultrasound definition, velocity of sound in some biological materials, ultrasound safety information), obstetric software, ultrasound and telematics. There is an interesting section on ultrasound in Endometriosis. Also, there is an Ultrasound Mailing List for people interested in diagnostic ultrasound.

8. Endoscopic Ultrasound homepage is available at http://www.eus-online.org/. The website is based on a collaboration between the European, French and German EUS-Clubs. The site provides an updated literature review service as well as coordinating information about ongoing EUS activities (multicenter studies, guidelines, etc.). There is also an interesting section on E.S.G.E Guidelines at http://www.eus-online.org/guidelines/frame_guide.html. The topics covered are available in two sections. While part I deals with technique and upper gastrointestinal tract, part II displays information on retroperitoneum and large bowel.

Biosound Esaote Ultrasound CME at http://www.biosound.com/ is a site offering On-line CME Courses from Indianapolis, Indiana. For example a basic carotid scanning protocol describing the procedure including color flow mapping titled the "Protocol and Technique of Carotid Duplex Imaging" is available at http://www.biosound.com/CME/CarotidProtocol/carotid_duplex.html. Similarly Acuson has its CME web page as Acuson CME at http://www.acuson.com/cme/index.htm

ATL Protocol Guides at http://www.atl.com/ATLLearningCenter/learningcenter/protocolguides.asp provides basic protocol information on some common Ultrasound and Doppler techniques covering a range of sonographic exams. The protocol guides are divided into categories such as cardiology, musculoskeletal, men's and women's health and obstetrical ultrasound. Importantly, The protocols are available in portable document format. Likewise, ATL Advanced Applications at http://www.atl.com/ATLAdvancedApps/advancedapps/girad.asp deals with newer technological breakthroughs. Separate sections with brief overview and technical details of MicroFine Imaging, Broadband Flow Imaging, SonoCT™ Real-time Compound Imaging, Pulse Inversion Harmonics, Power Contrast Harmonic Imaging, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, 3D Ultrasound Imaging, Tissue Doppler Imaging and Power Motion Imaging are all featured here.


USG Anatomy with multimedia-generated images is available at http://www.shimane-med.ac.jp/IMAGE/UStext/normal-ustext.html. Ultrasound Teaching File from University of Alberta: http://raddi.uah.ualberta.ca/~hennig/teach/noframe/teach.htm has images with text material on artifacts, skull and contents, face, mastoids and neck, skeletal system, gastrointestinal and genitourinary systems.

A feature on USG Artifacts by V Muglia and P L Cooperberg of the Department of Radiology, University of British Columbia, and St. Paul's Hospital is available at http://www1.stpaulshosp.bc.ca/stpaulsstuff/USartifacts/USArtifacts.html. Similarly, Ultrasound Artefacts at http://www.bmtp.akh-wien.ac.at/people/kollch1/artefakt.html is a brief Classification of Doppler and B-Mode artefacts from Ultrasound-Lab, University of Vienna.

ACR Standard for the Infant Hip Ultrasound
is accessible at http://gait.aidi.udel.edu/res695/homepage/pd_ortho/xray/dushp.htm. It is well established that Sonography of the infant hip can be used both in the diagnosis of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) and in monitoring treatment. The website material contributed by H. T Harcke, from the Department of Medical Imaging, AI DuPont Institute, Delaware deals with indications/contraindications and the ultrasound examination techniques of the infant hip illustratively
. Extended Field of View Ultrasound in Musculo-Skeletal Disorders at http://www1.stpaulshosp.bc.ca/stpaulsstuff/MoreNeatCases/extfov.html is an interesting feature highlighting the musculoskeletal applications of Ultrasound.

Ultrasound Edu at http://www.ultrasoundedu.com/ is an Ultrasound Portal edited and authored by Peter W. Callen, from University of California Medical Center, San Francisco, California. The web site (payment required) offers access to education material such as in-depth teaching file cases and discussions.


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