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Few Useful Websites related to Spine Imaging

1. Vertebrae anatomy tutorial at http://www.gwc.maricopa.edu/class/bio201/vert/vertut.htm is an interactive tutorial by Dr J Crimando from the GateWay Community College, Arizona. "The adult vertebral (spinal) column consists of 26 bones". The site offers anatomical views of several important vertebrae including atlas, axis, and thoracic and lumbar vertebra.

2. Nomenclature and Classification of Lumbar Disc Pathology
is a classic reference prepared meticulously by a combined effort of American Society of Neuroradiology, American Society of Spine Radiology and North American Spine Society. Available at http://www.asnr.org/spine_nomenclature/ the terminology proposed by a group of leading Clinical and Imaging experts is increasingly endorsed and officially supported by many societies. The material encompasses Recommendations, Discussion (part 1), Discussion (part 2) with illustrations, Glossary, References and Appendix - all sections, which undoubtedly reflect the opinion of chairpersons that "the hope of all of us who have worked on this project is that it will ultimately improve the care of patients with spinal disorders."

The Neuroradiology Teaching File Database by John Hesselink, MD is a useful and concise educative portal. Few important sections on the spine that is dealt in the website includes Pediatric Spinal Anomalies at http://spinwarp.ucsd.edu/NeuroWeb/Text/sp-peds.html and Degenerative Spine Disease at http://spinwarp.ucsd.edu/NeuroWeb/Text/sp-djd.html. A host of other topics including spine related topics such as Spinal Cord and Intradural Disease and Vertebral and Paravertebral Abnormalities is accessible at http://spinwarp.ucsd.edu/NeuroWeb/

4. "From South Bank University, London is a series of important spine cases listed in order of pathology. The concise and illustrative material available at http://myweb.lsbu.ac.uk/~dirt/museum/spinepath.html takes in a variety of conditions such as Meningomyelocoele, Diastomatomyelia, Neurofibromatosis, tuberculosis of bone, Chordoma sacrum, ankylosing spondylitis etc. "

5. Imaging Evaluation Of Cervical Spine
is a useful essay available at http://hsc.virginia.edu/med-ed/rad/cspine/ by Luke L. Yao et al from Department of Radiology, University of Virginia Health Sciences Center, Virginia. The following headings cover the topic of cervical spine illustratively: Technique, Anatomy, Fractures, Interpretation, and Management.

6. Imaging of the Postoperative Spine for Evaluation of Resurgical Options by Michael Modic, MD from Division of Radiology at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, is a self-study course for radiologists, forming a part of CME feature by Radiology InfoNet. The material available at http://www.radinfonet.com/ is an illustrative essay on a common but important entity in Radiology practice.

eSpine available at http://www.espine.com/ is a web portal fashioned by Robert Pashman, MD. The site focuses on the treatment and research of adult and paediatric spinal entities such as deformities, trauma, tumours, infections, and degenerative disorders of the spine. This site in particular addresses the patients by providing information on several spinal procedures too.

8. eMedicine.com considered as the largest and most current Clinical Knowledge Base available online has nearly 10,000 physician authors and editors contributing. The section on Spine available at http://www.emedicine.com/orthoped/SPINE.htm focuses on illustrative material on Orthopedic Surgery taking in Ankylosing Spondylitis, Atlantoaxial Instability, a variety of fractures, Chordoma, Idiopathic Scoliosis, Os Odontoideum, Spinal Stenosis, Spinal Tumors etc.

9. The Virtual Hospital is a digital library of health information, sourced from the University of Iowa. Few useful and educative materials on common disease conditions afflicting the Spine are available. In particular, two topics of universal interest are Back Pain in Children - a Common Clinical Problem in Children authored by Michael P. D'Alessandro, M.D. http://indy.radiology.uiowa.edu/Providers/Textbooks/BackPainInChildren/BackPainChildren.html and Diagnosis of Disk Disease available at http://www.vh.org/adult/provider/radiology/DiagnosisDiskDisease/DiagnosisDiskDisease.html authored by Georges Y. El-Khoury, M.D

10. The Wheeless Textbook of Orthopedics offers a Spine Index focusing on a wide range of featured topics related to spine at http://www.ortho-u.net/o11/10.htm. The topics covered are wide ranging such as Management of the Spine Injured Patient, Physical Exam of the Spine, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Back Pain in the Adult and Child, Blood Supply, Classification of Spine Fractures and their Mechanisms, Columns of the Spine, Congenital Defects, Development of Vertebral Column, Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis, MRI of Spine, Myelogram, Os Odontoideum, Syringomyelia, Tethered Cord Syndrome.

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