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Few Useful Websites related to Skull Anatomy

1. Henry Gray (1821-1865). Anatomy of the Human Body. 1918 features the skull in the osteology section at http://www.bartleby.com/107/30.html. The text and illustrative material deals with the bones of skull, bones of face, Exterior of the Skull, Interior of the Skull and has thumbnails of illustrations which are available commencing at http://www.bartleby.com/107/indextn4.html

2. Cyberanatomy of the skull
from http://anatome.ncl.ac.uk/tutorials/skulleasy/text/index.html is written by Dr Donal Shanahan, Anatomy & Clinical Skills Centre, The Medical School, The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The elucidatory tutorial material is easily navigated by aid of signposting.

Anatomy of the Posterior Fossa from the McGill University, Montreal, CARCINOMA is an illustrative account of the bony landmarks of the posterior fossa. Available at http://sprojects.mmi.mcgill.ca/pfossa/contents.html , the project has been designed by Dr. D. Sinclair, Dr. E. Hamel, Mr. . Trudel and Mr. G. Bennett.

4. Skull Module offered at http://www.csuchico.edu/anth/Module/skull.html is an online project sponsored, in part, by Technology and Learning Program, California State University, Chico. Designed by Turhon Murad and by Nanci Ellis, the site offers basic information on bony skeleton of the skull. A A special feature of this site is the multimedia presentation of few sections of the skull in QuickTime VR movie.

Skull Anatomy Tutorial from created by J. Crimando, Gate Way Community College, Phoenix, US http://www.gwc.maricopa.edu/class/bio201/skull/skulltt.htm is a graphical primer on basic views of the skull.

6. The Skull Practical is an online tutorial accessible from Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Authored by Thackery Gray. Ph.D. Professor Dept. Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy, the material is accessible at http://www.meddean.luc.edu/lumen/MedEd/GrossAnatomy/h_n/cn/skp/mainframe.htm. It describes diagrammatically the various parts and landmarks of the skull. The material focuses on Skull Openings, Skull Parts, Nerves and Arteries.

The Skull from Minnesota State University, US at http://emuseum.mnsu.edu/biology/humananatomy/skeletal/skull.html offers basic primer on skull anatomy. The material commences from basic facts such as "skull is the bony framework of the head. It is comprised of the eight cranial and fourteen facial bones".

8. Radiography of the skull at http://www.xray2000.f9.co.uk/Site3/technique/skullindex.htm is from the site titled xray2000.co.uk (accessible at http://www.xray2000.f9.co.uk/index.htm), designed and authored from UK by John Oldnall Nicholas. The material is comprehensive and focuses on an important area of radiography, covering Basic Skull Osteology, Landmarks and Planes , Skull Errors in positioning technique, Image Series for AP position and a selection of CR angles and Radiography Indications for Imaging From Royal College of Radiologists.

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