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Few Useful Radiology Related Medical Textbooks (Part 2)

Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis : What the Clinician Should Know at http://www.cdc.gov/nchstp/tb/pubs/corecurr/default.htm The website rightly believes that "an update on TB for clinicians is critical today." The educative material from CDC has Core Curriculum includes Transmission and Pathogenesis, Epidemiology, Testing, Diagnosis of Tuberculosis, Infection Control and BCG. The National Tuberculosis Training Initiative, cosponsored by the American Thoracic Society and CDC, has originally developed this document.

2. The AIDS Knowledge Base
at http://hivinsite.ucsf.edu/InSite is the online version of the third edition the AIDS Knowledgebase, a textbook on HIV and AIDS produced by the University of California and the San Francisco General Hospital. It contains sections on epidemiology and transmission, testing for the HIV virus, basic science of HIV, general management of HIV, clinical manifestations; associated infections; malignancies associated; legal issues; prevention and education. Each section has a full bibliography and the entire resource is searchable.

3. Atlas of Kidney
at http://www.kidneyatlas.org/ is a Web-based medical textbook with a difference. The entire textbook is downloadable as individual chapters. This textbook is divided into five didactic and illustrated volumes. Importantly, volume one deals with disorders of electrolytes and acid-base, and acute renal failure, volume three describes hypertension, and volume five comprises of end-stage renal disease and transplantation.

4. The Thyroid And Its Diseases at http://thyroidmanager.bsd.uchicago.edu/ is an online "authoritative, current, complete, objective, free, and down-loadable source on the thyroid". Thyroid Disease Manager has been developed by Leslie J. De Groot, Georg Hennemann, M.D and a group of thyroid experts from around the world. Owned and copyrighted in its entirety by Endocrine Education, Inc., the chapters cover thyroid gland in its entirety. Besides ontogeny, anatomy, metabolism and physiology, hormone synthesis and secretion, effects of drugs and a spectrum of thyroid disorders, the textbook also covers thyroid algorithms and thyroid function tests. An up-to-date analysis of thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules and cancer, thyroiditis is also available.

5. Diabetes in America at
http://diabetes-in-america.s-3.com/contents.htm easily ranks as one of the finest specialized medical textbook on the Internet. Created by the National Diabetes Data Group and National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, this 2nd Edition comprises of 36 chapters distributed in 5 sections comprehensively covering this common endocrine disorder. While the early chapters focus on the descriptive epidemiology of Diabetes Mellitus including its classification, diagnostic criteria, and screening, prevalence and incidence risk factors, the later sections deal with complications of diabetes and medical care for diabetes. The book rounds off with detailed exposition on economic aspects of diabetes and diabetes in special populations.

6. Online Pediatric Surgery Handbook
at http://home.coqui.net/titolugo/handbook.htm comprises 11 chapters , each dealing with a specific topic. While the early chapters deal with head and neck topics, obstructive problems, the later chapters deal at length on Hernias and abdominal wall defect, gastrointestinal bleeding and pancreatic and biliary conditons. Separate sections on interesting topics are available towards the end concerning tumors, prenatal congenital malformations and pediatric laparoscopy. Importantly, this entire Handbook on Pediatric Surgery can be downloaded as a PDF file titled Handbook.pdf

Wheeless Textbook of Orthopaedics at http://www.medmedia.com/med.htm is a reference source, compiled by C.R.Wheeless M.D. The site covers a wide range of orthopaedics topics of interest to medical, nursing and physiotherapy professionals. There are subject topic list, drug indexes, as well as a search engine for the site. A well-compiled compendium of fractures is available at http://www.medmedia.com/orthoo/41.htm, which is endowed with numerous hyperlinks to references.

8. Textbook of Orthopedics and Traumatology
is a comprehensive online textbook available at http://www.bonetumour.org/book/APTEXT/index.html The material authored by Dr M Natarajan and Dr Mayilvahanan, features nearly 30 chapters that cover the gamut of Orthopedics and Traumatology practice, particularly in a setting of the Indian subcontinent. Each chapter has subsections and the material is crisp. While chapters 1 to 13 deal with Orthopaedics, the chapters from 14 to 28 focuses on Traumatology.

Electronic Orthopedic Textbook at http://www.worldortho.com/database/etext/ is edited by Eugene Sherry and hosted online by WorldOrtho, a major orthopedics web site. It has 16 chapters covering paediatric orthopaedics, radiology of the musculoskeletal system, infections of bone and joints, molecular genetics and immunology of orthopaedics, orthopaedic pathology and bone lymphomas.

10. The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy Online
in its 17th Centennial Edition is available at http://www.merck.com/pubs/mmanual/ This reliable and easy-to-use Centennial Edition contains common clinical procedures, laboratory tests, information about current therapy for each disorder. In addition to the Merck Manual that provides information to health care professionals, there is a Home Edition at http://www.merckhomeedition.com/ for patients, families, and all non-health care professionals, and a Merck Manual of Geriatrics at http://www.merck.com/pubs/mm_geriatrics/ which covers diseases of the elderly. The material has now been enhanced with photos, animations, videos, illustrations, and a comprehensive search engine

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