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Few Useful Websites on Radiophysics

1. Nicks X-ray site at http://www.xray2000.co.uk/ is a diagnostic radiography site with an impressive array of material available from the main home page. A section on radiographic techniques at http://www.xray2000.f9.co.uk/Site3/technique/technique1.htm deals with basic projections, x-ray procedures, radiographs of chest, skull, appendicular and axial skeleton etc. Interestingly an articles section at http://www.xray2000.f9.co.uk/Site3/articles/articles.htm and a tutorial notes section at http://www.xray2000.f9.co.uk/Site3/nickspdf/tutnotes.htm makes absorbing reading.

2. Medical Radiography at http://home.earthlink.net/~terrass/radiography/medradhome.html or http://web.wn.net/~usr/ricter/web/medradhome.html is a Radiography / Radiophysics portal from the Massachusetts General Hospital. The site features separate resources on physics, radiation protection, radiologic anatomy, education resources. Besides this there are features on radiology history, general anatomy and medical imaging and informatics. There is an admirable quick search tool that can be useful to the user.

Virtual Physics in Radiology Tutorials at http://iago.lib.mcw.edu/medphys/learning.htm or from http://www.mcw.edu/medphys/learning.htm . The site from Medical College of Wisconsin hosts introductory tutorials on visualizing aspects of x-ray generation used in medical imaging. The topics covered are Bremstrahlung generation, stationary anode X-ray tube circa 1930's, and Modern rotating anode X-ray tube design. A separate section on physics behind the 3rd generation and Helical computed tomography is also available.

Medical Physics Net at http://dmnu-pet5.hcuge.ch/Habib/Medphys.html is a site from Geneva University Hospital dealing on medical physics on the Internet. The site, which is in a narrative, extensively hyperlinks the medical physics resources on the World-Wide Web. Sections on electronic journals, Physics Teaching sites and Biomedical Courses are some of the key attributes in this site.

5. Board Review Physics Lecture notes is the central theme at http://medicine.creighton.edu/radiology/. The website from Creighton University features theory lectures on Radiophysics, X-ray tube, screen, film development, contrast, and essential principles of tomography. Another highlight of this site are lecture text on physics of newer imaging modalities (CT, US and MRI) and exclusive coverage of Nuclear Physics and Radiobiology.

6. X-Ray Film Processor Help Site at http://home.talkcity.com/commercest/pman47/ is a site covering the subject of film processors. This site has material on processor chemicals developer and fixer, troubleshooting chemistry problems; on how to handle and store films, information on a large variety of processors models. Interestingly, there is a troubleshooting index guide on repairing all the different processors, and a morning start up / end of the day section on dealing with what to do at the beginning of the day and how to properly shut down the processor, respectively.

7. Grids are the main subject matter of the website at http://www.mxe.com/ . The site deals illustratively with types and construction of grid. Separate sections on selection and evaluation of grids, grid protection are also featured.

8. The Goodwin Guides at http://web.wn.net/~usr/ricter/home/goodwin2p2.html and http://web.wn.net/~usr/ricter/home/goodwin3p2.html is based on the efforts of Ken Goodwin, from Columbus State Community College. The website features abridged Radiophysics text. The material concisely covers radiologic physics, radiographic imaging, special X-Ray imaging and radiation protection

9. Review of X-ray Properties is a slide presentation viewable / downloadable from http://www.physics.lsa.umich.edu/chupp/Physics290/Lecture5/. This presentation by T Chupp hosted from University of Michigan deals with common and interesting topics such as review of X-Ray properties, attenuation coefficients etc.

Multiple Choice Questions with answers on quality management in the Radiologic sciences are available at http://www.clt.astate.edu/radsci/pqmqa.htm, while a questions and study guide from state of California syllabus on Radiography and Radiation protection is available at http://www.radscice.com/rp.html.


Medical Physics Resource Page from AAPM at http://www.aapm.org/medphys/default.asp is a storehouse of information on the subject of Medical Physics. The site has many links to Institutional Pages, Mailing Lists, Health Physics & Radiation Safety, Nuclear Medicine & PET, Publications & Publishers, Newsgroups and Medical Physics Organizations. A compilation of Radiography Links on general information, newsgroups, publications, and relevant organizations is available at http://www.mxe.com/links.htm.

There is a website containing material on Philately and X-Rays at http://ublib.buffalo.edu/libraries/units/sel/exhibits/stamps/modphys1.html.

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