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RADIOLOGY WEBSITES : Radiology Trade eZines

Few Useful Websites on
Radiology Trade eZines

Agfa's new global medical imaging magazine, titled Know is accessible at http://www.agfa.com/healthcare/en/know.t3l   KNOW “covers a range of topics in the field of medical imaging and information management, with a worldwide scope”. Features such as section expert class, Industry trends keeps and product news are available.

2. From Boston Scientific
the education newsletter called Scimed Interventions is available at http://www.bsci.com/scimed/edu.html 

Dimag Online at http://www.dimag.com/ is a versatile site dealing with a variety of  topics bridging vendors and radiologists. The site has many attractive features that include Bulletin Board, Meetings Calendar and a Search facility. The online archives are available at http://www.diagnostic-imaging.com/search.shtml  In addition, there are direct links to the different versions of the magazine targeting different continents namely, DI Europe, DI Asia Pacific and DI América Latina. An useful “Advertiser Links” is also a highlight of this site.

4. GE Medical Systems offers  Oncall Infobytes at the bottom right corner of the main page at http://www.gemedicalsystems.com/index.html  Each issue focuses on a specialized area in Medicine. For instance the August 2001 issue of On call Infobytes is a special Urology Issue available at http://www.gemedicalsystems.com/promo/enewsletter/august01/ Besides there is a MRI electronic newsletter available at http://www.gemedical.com.au/MRI/

Medical Imaging International is a journal from Medi News at http://www.medinews.com This site that helps one to stay on top with updated news on medicine and technology. Besides Medical Imaging International , the site also focuses on Critical Care, Surgical Techniques, Patient Care, Lab Medicine and Bio Research. There are convenient links to informative Journals such as HospiMedica International , Medical Imaging International, Lab Medica International and Biotech News.

6. Philips Medical Systems has many attractive online magazines retrievable at http://www.medical.philips.com/news/publications/index.asp Medica Mundi at http://www.medical.philips.com/news/publications/medica_mundi/index.asp is a professional journal for users of Philips medical equipment and healthcare solutions while MR Bulletin features news, product features and applications about MR and is accessible at http://www.medical.philips.com/news/publications/mr_bulletin/inex.asp Similarly, Field Strength at http://www.medical.philips.com/news/publications/field_strength/index.asp contains information on Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Picker and Marconi has an online publication designated Vision which is available at http://www.picker.com/www/marconimed.nsf/index  The archives are located at http://www.picker.com/www/marconimed.nsf/wvisionarchive

Siemens offers Electromedica at http://www.med.siemens.com/medroot/en/news/electro/ .Each issue focuses on a theme of interest as in  Neuro 2000 and Onco 2000. Besides this, the online version of the Siemens CT magazine Somatom Sessions is accessible at http://www.siemens-ctapps.com/

Toshiba Medical Systems provides online access to the Toshiba Medical Review Journal at http://www3.toshiba.co.jp/medical/english/review/index.htm The journal is published in English on a quarterly basis. Online access is available from issues No. 61, August 1997 to No. 72, May 2000.

Wipro GE presents its magazine titled Images at http://www.wiproge.com/imagesjournal/current/index.html Each issue focuses on a theme of interest as in  Issue 35 dealing with Customer Productivity.  One can choose the back issues of Images Magazine from the archives at http://www.wiproge.com/imagesjournal/backissues/journalbackindex.html

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