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Radiology Trade

Aloka at http://www.aloka.com is has two language versions in its website i.e. Japanese and English. The English version is accessible at http://www.aloka.com/english/e_index.html. Founded in 1950, this company that deals with a range of Ultrasound and Bone densitometry products. The website has information as a pull down menu on the entire product range of SSD machines: 500 to the 5000 and 5500 series as well as technical topics, exhibition and applications. There is also a "Search" feature enabling the search on products and specialities.

2. Agfa
is available at http://www.agfa.com/healthcare/ Agfa is a principal division of Bayer AG, one of the world's largest chemical companies.. The site provides information on a complete range of Radiographic Film/screen/cassette systems, mammography, hardcopy systems, dry and wet imaging systems, digital imaging systems, CR and DR systems. Besides this, the site offers an idea of Image management by Impax, which is a networking solutions system. Sections on product list, sales support, customer support and DICOM connectivity & system integration are also available.

ATL at http://www.atl.com/splash3/ is the website from Advanced Technology Laboratories. ATL systems, which have been at the breakthrough of every major clinical application of diagnostic ultrasound, is now an integral part of the Philips Medical Systems Company. The website has a assortment of features such as What's new at ATL, Interactive learning, material on Sono CT real-time compound imaging, Contrast Imaging and Women's Health. The information within sections such as Advanced applications, Learning center, Protocol guides and Upgrade advisor are particularly useful. Besides all this, an image library, a gestational age calculator and a screensaver section are also available.

4. GE Medical Systems at http://www.gemedicalsystems.com is a storehouse of information on all the medical equipment manufactured from General Electric. A GE medical site map at http://www.gemedicalsystems.com/company/sitemap.html is a comprehensive outline of the products and activities of the company. A variety of educational material on CT that includes clinical case studies, applications information, and technology overviews is available in the form of a enlightening CT section at http://www.gemedicalsystems.com/medical/ct/.

Wipro GE at http://www.wiproge.com deals with online information on a variety of Wipro GE Products that include accessories & supplies, X-ray, mobile cardiovascular systems, ultrasound, vascular, CT, MRI, and Nuclear/PET. Besides this the site offers sections such as services, financing solutions and IT solutions. The Wipro GE Site map is a useful index at http://www.wipro-ge.com/sitemap/index.html, which facilitates easy navigation through the site. In addition, there are numerous sections such as Imaging in clinical practice, TiP health portal (links to a variety of medical and imaging sites) , Case of the fortnight from Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine. At the moment there is a 30 day free trial eFlexTrial that assists downloading the latest software upgrade for your GE diagnostic imaging systems

6. Kodak at http://www.kodak.com/go/health deals with a varied range of imaging products. The site can be browsed through key areas such as "Focus on your specialty", "Products by use", "Products by type", and "Service and support" The section on "Products by type" has useful material on Laser imaging films and printing systems. The section on learning center has educative material. Additionally there are hyperlinks to Radiology news from AuntMinnie.com. A useful online book on "Digital Imaging Fundamentals" is available at http://www.kodak.com/daiHome/DLC/book3/chapter1/index.shtml.

Philips Medical Systems at http://www.medical.philips.com from the Netherlands is one of the world's largest electronics companies and has been a supplier of a wide range of integrated diagnostic imaging and IT solutions. With the recent acquisitions of ATL Ultrasound and nuclear medicine products from ADAC laboratories, recently acquired by Philips, the site has material on a complete range of products, news & events, services. The section on products includes Magnetic resonance; Computed tomography; Cardiac Cath and Ultrasound. Besides this there is information on Inturis: an integrated information and Networking management program for radiology departments. Additionally, the Philips Medical Systems North America, a subsidiary of Philips Electronics N.V is accessible at http://www.pmsna.com.

8. Picker International at http://www.picker.com and is one of the world's largest distributor of radiological supplies and accessories. The website has material on Imaging products, Imaging services and PACS. Besides this there is a section on Clinical applications and News about us. A link to the online magazine Vision magazine is also available from the main page.

Siemens Medical at http://www.siemensmedical.com/ deals with a large variety of health care products. The site has material on products & solutions, services, clinical segments, DICOM, professional education (Siemens Medical Academy at http://www.siemensmedicalacademy.com/ ) and patient education. An index to contents of the site is offered at http://www.siemensmedical.com/contents/. Besides this information on syngo®: the new viewing and workstation language software is available at http://www.syngo.com/. Since the integration of Siemens Ultrasound and Acuson, the latest information on Ultrasound is presented at http://www.siemensultrasound.com. Similarly, Imaginis : the complete women's health guide is a educative site at http://www.imaginis.com/ promoting a variety of issues. A concise material on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is on hand at http://www.imaginis.com/breasthealth/hrt.asp.

Toshiba Medical Systems at http://www3.toshiba.co.jp/medical/english/index.htm deals with a full line of medical imaging system products encompassing X-ray, MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound. The website has material on these. Besides latest information on Multislice CT is available at http://www3.toshiba.co.jp/medical/english/products/ct/multi/. A "What's new" section is available at http://www3.toshiba.co.jp/medical/english/new/index.htm. Besides a link to the online magazine "Medical Review" is also available from the home page.


A comprehensive searchable database of Radiology Trade Links is obtainable from REF India. Available as REF Trade Companies Links at http://www.refindia.net/rindia/companies.htm , this database caters principally to the braches and representatives of national and multinational firms in India.

Correspondingly, Radiology Trade Advertiser Links, covering an international spectrum, is available as alphabetically arranged indices at the following sites: http://www.dimag.com/advertisers/, http://www.seas.upenn.edu/be/misc/bmelink/imaging.html;as well as http://pciworld.net/Resources.htm. What's more, an educative set of Ultrasound Review Companies Links along with sponsored Ultrasonography articles is offered at http://www.usreview.com.au/companie.htm.


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