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RSNA Launch Pad at http://www.rsna.org/education/launchpad/index.html is considered as a gateway to radiology resources on the Internet. The site maintained by Radiological Society of North America, Inc is "a great starting point for exploration on the Net". Launchpad has two broad set of links: "Quick Links" focuses on education resources, RSNA journals online, Index to imaging literature and CME repository, while the "Main Links" leads to databases and teaching files, Entrez-PubMed, Governmental and international agencies etc. The sections on "Find information on the internet" at http://www.rsna.org/education/launchpad/findinfo.html and "Help for computer novices" at http://www.rsna.org/education/launchpad/novicehelp.html is particularly useful for those blasting off on Internet for the first time.

Medmark Radiology at http://www.medmark.org/rad/ is an exhaustive compendium of Radiology websites. As on Jul 2001, the site hosted by Lee Hak Jong, MedMark Team from South Korea, accommodates nearly 1400 links, principally categorised into 17 sections, commencing with Associations/Societies and ending with Ultrasound. In particular, the sections on Education/Training and Imaging/Multimedia are exceptionally informative with the former containing a variety of tutorials, modules, teaching files, cases, quizzes, and CME. Links to almost 200 Radiology Departments/Divisions are available. Additionally, from Medmark's home page one can access other useful sites like Free Medline, Health on the Net, Karolinska Institute and Medical Matrix.

Medmatrix Radiology at http://www.medmatrix.org/_SPages/Radiology.asp is a free directory of selected medical sites (including Radiology) on the Internet. Carefully evaluated by reviewers, Medical Matrix lists only those sites that meet criteria for information quality and site usability. A mandatory free registering ensures the access of the Medical Matrix database of Radiology Sites covering headings such as news, full text / multimedia, abstracts, textbooks, practice guidelines, cases and CME, education and forums.

4. Martindale Virtual Centre: Radiology Centre at http://www-sci.lib.uci.edu/~martindale/MedicalRad.html is the creation of James G. Martindale ad is hosted by UCI Science Library. The site has link material to Radiology overview, Radiology journals, Radiology literature searches, Modality radiology and Speciality radiology. Besides all this there is material on Bone densitometry, Radiology Cases of the week/month categorised by databases (Small, Medium and Large Case Databases), Interactive Anatomy Browsers and Teleradiology

Hardin Radiology & Medical Imaging Metadirectory is available from at http://www.lib.uiowa.edu/hardin/md/rad.html. Created and sourced from the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences at University of Iowa, the site maps Radiology on the Internet into three group of "Lists", based on the heirs relative sizes. While the "Large List" contains RadCenter, RSNA Launch Pad, RadiologyLinx.com, PediatricRadiology.com, Open Directory Project, etc the "Medium Lists" links to MEDLINEplus, Diagnostic imaging, OMNI, Medic8.com etc. Similarly the "Small Lists" comprises of HealthWeb, Medical online review & database etc.

6. OMNI or Organising Medical Networked Information Radiology Links at http://omni.ac.uk/subject-listing/WN100.html is a collection of quality radiology resources. The site is a gateway to evaluated, quality Internet resources in radiology, aimed at students, researchers, academics and practitioners, created by a core team from University of Nottingham.

Aunt Minnie Links at http://www.auntminnie.com/index.asp?sec=lin is another emerging site with quality links to Radiology Sites around the world. Aunt Minnie is building the most comprehensive collection of Radiology Links on the Internet. The links are categorised into publication, equipment, academic, hospital, govt, educational website and others

8. Devolder Radiology Links at http://www.devolder.be/brl/tableof.htm is based at Belgium. The site, edited by Dr. Erik Ranschaert, contains links which are neatly categorised into World-Wide Radiological web sites, Belgian Radiology links, European Radiological sites and World-wide Radiology links.

PIPS Radiology Links at http://go-pips.com/html/links.htm is a comprehensive collection of Radiology Links. PIPS or Portal Image Processing System is a image processing software product from Masthead Imaging Corporation at British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. The website provides useful links to Web search tools, medical physics, cancer information, physics resources, equipment vendors and Web page programming.

Radiology Resources On The Internet at http://www.unipa.it/~radpa/CBT2000.html is a set of Radiology sites hyperlinked from the Institute of Radiology - University of Palermo, Italy. The material is categorised into Academic Departments of Radiology, Newsgroups, Free MedLine. Besides this, Societies and Journals, Image Database, Teaching Resources and Teleradiology / PACS / DICOM Resources are also major headings containing handy links.


Rad List at http://www.radlist.uni-erlangen.de/ is a "link search engine" that assists in any user finding web-based Radiology training programs based on user defined selections. Illinois State Society of Radiologic Technologists Links at http://www.issrt.org/links.htm is a set of compiled links from the Illinois State Society of Radiologic Technologists, a professional organization that represents the radiologic sciences in the state of Illinois.

Peterson Radiology Resources at http://www.avalon.net/~dpeterson/radiology.htm has numerous links to Radiology organizations, cases, departments, journals, specialty resources and educational resources. Dave's Radiology Links at http://www.geocities.com/ctdave95/ is a weekly updated storehouse of thousands of links to almost all the known radiology links, created by Dave Woeber. Medical Imaging Room at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Highrise/1713/mfile.html has concisely compiled links dealing with radiography, cardiac catheterization, positron emission tomography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and nuclear medicine.

Two large sets of Radiology links are available at http://roentgen.gdl.iteso.mx/rsna.html and http://www-fgg.eur.nl/radiology/informatie/radiologiesites.htm. Both are exhaustive directories of Radiology websites.


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