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Few Useful Radiology CME Sites

1. RadinfoNet CME at http://www.radinfonet.com/cme/ is a web based CME accredited education from Radiology InfoNet. The educative topics are current and deal with a range of issues such as Native Tissue Harmonic Imaging, MRI Contrast Agents, Stroke and Carotid Artery Disease, 3D Imaging & Virtual Reality Applications of Spiral CT.

Aunt Minnie's Online CME is available at http://cme.auntminnie.com This premier Radiology portal "offers superior-quality Category I online CME for radiologists." From the CME Coursework Selection Page, one can select courses by organ system that includes Skull & Brain, Face & Neck, Spine, Musculoskeletal, Pulmonary, Heart & Great Vessels, Vascular & Lymphatics, Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary systems.

University of Washington Online CME at http://uwcme.org/site/courses/online.php has the distinction of emerging as one of the earliest online learning solutions in Radiology. The material authored by Michael L. Richardson, MD is available as Radiology Review for Primary Care Practitioners, Radiology of Arthritis for the Non-Radiologist etc. Other topics that are available which includes Evidence-based cancer screening, Evaluation & treatment of knee disorders, Osteoporosis & bone physiology.
The educative material in the site has recently become available mandatorily, for a fee.

4. Stanford Radiology CME at http://radiologycme.stanford.edu/online/ has CME Material in the form of lectures at http://radiologycme.stanford.edu/online/catalog.asp available principally in the streaming audio video format. Some of the CME material is available free. At the moment the following titles are available for viewing MRI of Breast Implants by Debra M. Ikeda, M.D, Men Are From Mars, But My Doc Says It's Venous by Charles P. Semba MD, Abdominal Applications of Multidetector Row CT by Brooke Jeffrey Jr., M.D and Advantages of Multi-Detector Row CT Scanning by Geoffrey D. Rubin, M.D.

5. Healthstream University CME Courses
is a continuing education products from HealthStream, Inc. based in Nashville, Tennessee. The CME material at http://www.healthstream.com/hcp/index.html includes online courses, CD-ROMs, and live events. The Radiology material comprises of Cardiovascular/Interventional, Computed Tomography, Emergency Medicine, Ultrasound, General Radiology, Interventional, Magnetic Resonance, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, PACS and Informatics and Radiation Therapy.

Acuson Solutions offers CME at http://www.acuson.com/cme/index.htm Articles pertaining to new techniques and applications in radiology is accessible at http://www.acuson.com/cme/#radiology , while those concerning Cardiology is presented at http://www.acuson.com/cme/#cardiology . The topics available at the moment contains Perspective™ 3D MultiPlanar Reconstruction, Ectopic Pregnancy, An Introduction to Fetal Echocardiography, Acuson's Perspective™ Advanced Display Option: 3D Surface Rendering and Freestyle™ Extended Imaging, Use of Doppler in the Abdomen and Atrial Septum.

Biosound Esaote Ultrasound CME is an On-line CME Courses presented from Indianapolis, Indiana at http://www.biosound.com/ . Specifically, the CME features are presented at http://www.biosound.com/cme.html A basic carotid scanning protocol titled "Protocol and Technique of Carotid Duplex Imaging" is available at http://www.biosound.com/CME/CarotidProtocol/carotid_duplex.html

GE CE / CME Educational Courses is available from http://www.gemedicalsystems.com/education/ceonline/index.html After a mandatory registration, login is necessary. GE CE/CME offers Online Courses that is a catalogued modality wise as CT, MRI, NM/PET, Bone Densitometry, X-Ray, Mammography and Ultrasound Besides there is material on Cardiology, Surgery, Healthcare Financial Services and IT Solutions too. Specifically a CME on Ultrasonography is presented at http://www.gemedicalsystems.com/rad/us/education/msucme.html

9. OutSource, Inc
at http://www.t2star.com/ presents Radiology CME targeting Radiology technologists The CME is available as modules at http://www.t2star.com/modules.html The current Self-Study modules include MR Modules, CT Modules and Angio / Interventional modules. While the CT Modules comprises Contrast Media, CT Physics and Instrumentation and CT Image Quality (Artifacts), the MRI modules include Basic Principles, MR Safety and MRI Contrast Part 1.

Diagnostic Imaging CME is presented at http://www.diagnosticimaging.com/cme/ The topics in the CME are current taking in interesting areas such as neurospectroscopy, Multislice CT, PET imaging, Ultrasound etc.

11. MedPix CME: MedPix is top-ranked on Google for "online radiology cme" and includes over 52,000 images from more than 11,000 cases.
MedPix CME:  http://rad.usuhs.edu/medpix/master.php3?mode=cme_information#top

MedPix Homepage: http://rad.usuhs.edu/medpix/parent.php3?mode=default#top


An index of Radiology CME sites is available from Radiological Society of North America, Inc. CME Links at http://www.rsna.org/education/offerings/cme_links.html . RadioGraphics CME based on the journal articles is presented at http://www.rsna.org/education/rg_cme.html . A subscription to the journal is mandatory for the CME.

For an index of CME offerings in medical specialities, CME Corner is an ideal place to start. Available at http://www.cmelist.com/list.htm and maintained by Bernard Sklar, MD, it provides linking to nearly 200 Online CME sites.

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