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Few Useful Radiology Web Portals

1. RadiologyEducation.com at http://www.radiologyeducation.com is digital library of radiology education resources. Funded and curated by Michael P. D'Alessandro, M.D, this educative "pico portal" aims to "provide a starting point for entry into radiology places of enlightenment, entertainment and education on the Internet". Based on criteria for Radiology and related site selection on Internet, the "pico portal" is a convenient yet powerful starting point for Radiology Textbooks, Radiology Teaching Files (perhaps, the finest collection at this point of time), Anatomy and Embryology Textbooks, MEDLINE and Radiology Journals, Continuing Education, Radiology Clinical Practice Guidelines and Radiological Warfare. Additionally, sections focusing on Handheld Computers, Residents, Medical Students, Patients are also available.

Aunt Minnie at http://www.auntminnie.com/ is a website that covers Radiology in its entire
gamut. The home page has numerous features such as Radiology news, today's headlines, people in the news and the ever popular "case of the day". The education section merits a look since it has useful teaching features such as library, online CME, CME Database and teaching files. Besides this the site has a technology section dealing with vendors and products and a reference section that muses on regulatory updates, market reports, white papers, practice guidelines and DICOM Conformance.

3. Learning Radiology
at http://www.learningradiology.com is an emerging Radiology portal focusing on the fundamentals of the specialty. This non-commercial web portal, created by William Herring, MD, targets primarily medical students and radiology residents-in-training. The material offered is comprehensive and covers the gamut of Radiology commencing with case of the week and its archives, Lectures in PowerPoint format, Notes, Images of lesion, and Flashcards which has a differential diagnoses list in a drop-down menu format. Besides, Radiology material on regions like Bone, Cardiac, Chest and GIT and a section meeting the needs of medical students are offered.

4. RadQuiz.com at http://www.radquiz.com is a broad gateway to radiology teaching files and links on the Web . Maintained by Naveed Ahmad M.D, the material offered primarily focuses on images of cases / quizzes hosted across the globe. The aforesaid material are catalogued by specialty and modality. Besides this there are links to Radiology Organizations, Radiology Journals, Radiology Teaching Sites, Case of Week Index, Radiology Physics, Radiology Recalls and Radiology CME. Also on offer are absorbing sections on Radiology Forum and Fellowship Indices

5. RadInfonet
at http://www.radinfonet.com is an engrossing website. The highlight of the site is the CME section dealing with some of the most current topics in Imaging. Currently featured (as on Apr 2001) in the Radiology InfoNet CME course is "the incidental adrenal mass". Have you ever felt the need for consulting an expert on any of the issues in Radiology ? If so, here is the site which has a riveting "Expert On Call" section. The site also encloses archives of some recent CME courses by leading professionals.

Radiologist.Com at http://www.radiologist.com/ is a useful site. This simple user friendly website has a main index that branches to few important sections such as Radiology Websites, Educational Resources, Societies and Journals. In addition there are modality based indexing of websites such as Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance. Interesting areas that have been covered are Research and Teleradiology / PACS / DICOM Commercial Sites.

Radiology Web at http://www.radiologyweb.com is a Radiology educational resource created by Mediaworks. This site, which is supported from Bracco, provides original articles, reviews, editorials and teaching/conference cases. General sections such as a listing of CME radiology conferences and meetings and a discussion forum is available. Likewise, specialised sections such as the "View Box", which is a searchable archive of teaching cases, a "Case of the Month" section are also available. "The Left Corner" is a section where nuggets of news, quotes, and ponderings relevent to radiology are offered. In the pipeline there is likely to be a fMRI database of brain scans. Interestingly, there are practice questions for Residents (in a study hall section) organized by nearly ten subspecialties.

RadCentral at http://www.radcentral.com/ is a web site designed by G. Radner, M.D at University of Southern California.. Fundamentally, the website has two sections namely, General and Radiology. The site has numerous links in categories such as International Radiology Sites, News, Resources & Newsgroups, and Radiology Departments on the Web. The Cases of the Week/Month is an interesting section.

9. RadPro
or Radiology Professional at http://www.med.unibo.it/rad2/RadPro.htm is a site that is helpful for Radiologists, doctors and technicians. There are geographic sections categorised into Europe, America, Africa/Asia/Oceania. Radiological Resources is an useful section to help the radiologist as the section on Teaching Files & Databases. Similarly, there is a Radiographer' s page is the section dedicated to the Radiologic Technologists.

Radiology Linx at http://www.radiologylinx.com/ is a site that provides radiologists with the latest medical news and information in radiology journals. Updated daily, the site has an option of Radiologists receiving the above information via email. MDLinx.com, which is the agency behind Radiology Linx, aims to "save doctors time in getting the news they trust." Besides Radiology, there are nearly over 500 different e-mail newsletter topics, catering to a variety of specialist and subspecialists needs. The sheer advantages of this website, is that the free, specialized and easy-to-use professional material is updated daily and is time saving too.


RadCenter at http://www.radcenter.com/ is a Radiology indexing portal. From here one can browse Continuing Education, Radiologic Journals, Teaching files in Magnetic Resonance, Mammography, PACS Software, Hardware, Ultrasonography Equipment, Medical Imaging Departments. Radiology Channel at http://www.radiologychannel.net is Internet's most comprehensive resource for radiology-related consumer healthcare information. The site is primarily aimed at consumers rather than professionals.

RadCom / Radiology Communities at http://www.radcom.org is a website maintained by Radiant Inc, Cleveland, Ohio. It offers numerous links on Radiology Depts, Societies, Teaching Files, Conferences and Education, besides hosting features on DICOM, Teleradiology and Equipment/Service.

Radpath at http://radpath.org/ is a portal which fortifies the association between Radiology and Pathology. The material, albeit predominantly in text form, is based on the correlations between radiologic abnormalities and their underlying microscopic and gross pathology. Designed initially for military radiologists, the site is particularly useful for Radiologists at large.

Radiology Resource at http://www.radiologyresource.org/ and Radiology Info at
are sites fashioned by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the American College of Radiology (ACR) aimed at consumers. The site has concise, current and accurate information on radiologic science and procedures, with a wide-ranging glossary.

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