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Few Useful Sites on PET and PET/CT

1. Let's Play PET! is an educative primer on positron emission tomography available at http://www.crump.ucla.edu/software/lpp/lpphome.html. The portal offered from Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles deals with various aspects of PET, "from the principles of cyclotron operation to the clinical application of PET in cardiology, neurology and oncology." The material comprehensively covers Overview of PET, Radioisotope Production, Nuclear Physics and Tomography, Principles of Tracer Modeling, Clinical Applications of PET, Clinical Case Examples and Clinical PET-Cardiology. The material is available in Static Web, Shockwave Web and a CD-ROM version.

2. Normal and Benign Pathological Findings in 18 FDG and PET CT: An interactive Web based Image Atlas
is available at http://www.jpnm.org/petctatlas.html . Prepared by Chetan Rajadhyaksha, JA Parker, L Barbaras and VH Gerbaudo, from Harward Medical School, the atlas highlights many features related to PET CT. These include "a compendium of cases which demonstrate normal and benign pathology findings, technical challenges, reconstruction and artifacts. The entire portal is divided into sections such as basics of PET CT, basics of 18 F FDG, Normals, Benign, Artifacts, and Case Studies.

Oncologic PET/CT: A primer for radiologists is an education feature sourced from AuntMinnie.com at http://www.auntminnie.com/redirect/redirect.asp?itemid=68008. Authored and presented by Dr. Stephen Humes, the "primer is intended as a succinct guide to practicing radiologists for interpretation of oncologic PET/CT images, as well as a quick reference when consulting with referring physicians as to the appropriateness of performing PET/CT to address a specific clinical question." A user id and password is mandatory.

4. My PET is a compilation of teaching cases in FDG PET by Haluk Alibazoglu available at http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Villa/8162/mypet.html. The illustrative case material is a glimpse into the clinical applications of PET and PET/CT. The material is credited / sourced from Rush Presbyterian St Luke's Medical Centre, Chicago, Illinois.

5. Petscan.Org offered by the Academy of Molecular Imaging, Los Angeles CA is accessible at http://www.petscan.org/ . The material focuses on the role of PET/CT in Alzheimer's, Cancer, Heart Disease and Neurological Disorders. Incidentally, the Academy of Molecular Imaging (www.ami-imaging.org) "is an international organization founded in 1989 to promote the science, basic application and clinical practice of the multi-modality world of molecular imaging, from PET imaging to CT, MR, X-Ray and optical imaging technologies."

6. PET CT Scan Info
available at http://www.petscaninfo.com offers a broad review of the subject. There are sections focusing on Clinical Uses of PET and PET/CT, Sensitivity / Specificity, and Diagnostic Accuracy. In addition, the website offers PET and PET/CT Case Studies at http://www.petscaninfo.com/zportal/portals/phys/clinical/petct_case_studies and PET Literature at http://www.petscaninfo.com/zportal/portals/phys/clinical/jnmpetlit

7. Impact
(Imaging Performance Assessment of CT scanners) is the UK's premier CT scanner evaluation centre, funded by Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). This organisation provides a wide range of CT (Computed Tomography) scanner related services to UK's National Health Service. ImPACT technology update document on PET/ CT is available at http://www.impactscan.org/petct.htm which focuses on " hybrid PET / CT scanners" that "combines the two techniques within a single piece of equipment".

8. Few citations/articles that serve as a useful starting point, comprehensively covering PET and PET/CT include :
a. Brink JA : PET/CT Unplugged: The Merging Technologies of PET and CT Imaging Am. J. Roentgenol., May 2005; 184: S135 - S137.
b. Blodgett TM et al : Issues, Controversies, and Clinical Utility of Combined PET/CT Imaging: What Is the Interpreting Physician Facing? Am. J. Roentgenol., May 2005; 184: S138 - S145.
c. Sureshbabu W, Mawlawi O. : Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology Volume 33, Number 3, 2005 156-16.
d. Provenzale JM : Introduction to the AJR Technology Forum: Issues, Controversies & Utility of PET/CT Imaging Am. J. Roentgenol., May 2005; 184: SII.
e. Rose T. : Educating the Hybrid Technologist: Radiologic Technology, 2005;77:15-18.
f. Kostakoglu L et al : PET-CT Fusion Imaging in Differentiating Physiologic from Pathologic FDG Uptake1 RadioGraphics 2004;24:1411-1431.
g. Kapoor V et al : An Introduction to PET-CT Imaging RadioGraphics 2004; 24: 523-543.
h. Rohren EM et al : Clinical Applications of PET in Oncology Radiology 2004 231: 305-332.
i. Kostakoglu et al Clinical Role of FDG PET in Evaluation of Cancer Patients; RadioGraphics 2003; 23: 315.
j. Townsend DW : A combined PET/CT scanner: the path to true image fusion. Br J Radiol 2002 75: 24S-30S.
k. Jones T. : Molecular imaging with PET - the future challenges British Journal of Radiology : 2002;75,S6-S15.
l. Maisey MN : Overview of clinical PET. British Journal of Radiology 75 2002,S1-S5.

9. MD Linx is "an award-winning, practical tool that busy physicians, healthcare professionals, as well as a growing number of educated consumers, use to stay up to date with the latest research in the medical field. The company aggregates medical articles and research from over 2,000 peer-reviewed journals on a daily basis" and "sort this content into 34 medical specialty sites and over 743 sub-specialty sections" and made available online. Users can choose to view this information online, or subscribe to any of our 743 daily newsletters. The section on CT/SPECT/PET Articles is available at http://www.mdlinx.com/RadiologyLinx/index.cfm?subspec_id=369&bt=todaysnews

10. Dual Modality PET/CT
offers an introductory brief on the topic at http://www.iame.com/learning/PETimagrc/petimage_cintro.html . Similarly, the Basics of PET CT, an introductory material is accessible from http://psychcentral.com/psypsych/Positron_emission_tomography

Dr IK Indrajit MD DNB

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