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Few Useful Websites related to Paediatric Radiology and Paediatrics

1. Correlapedia is a correlative encyclopedia of pediatric imaging, surgery, and pathology authored by M.P. D'Alessandro, S.J. Fishman & D. E. Schofield. The website available at http://www.virtualpediatrichospital.org/providers/CAP/CAPHome.shtml has a spectrum of multimedia cases/atlas (text & images). Evidently, "the goal of Correlapedia is to create for the medical apprentice a collection of patient stories in which imaging plays a key role in diagnosing and managing thoracic diseases in children."

Thoracopedia is an imaging encyclopedia of pediatric thoracic disease authored by M.P. D'Alessandro, from the Department of Radiology, University of Iowa College of Medicine. This educative portal presented at http://www.virtualpediatrichospital.org/providers/TAP/Thoracopedia.shtml has cases listed by knowns / unknowns that are organized by disease type or by age or simply as unorganized unknowns.

3. Paediapaedia
is an imaging encyclopedia of pediatric disease at http://www.virtualpediatrichospital.org/providers/PAP/PAPHome.shtml authored by Michael P. 'Alessandro, and deals with Imaging appearances of common pediatric diseases. The topics covered are absorbing and educative and comprises Neonatal Chest Diseases, Chest and Airway Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases, Musculoskeletal Diseases, Neurological Diseases etc. Each of these is further divided into Clinical/Radiographic Presentations, Differential Diagnosis, Approaches to Imaging, Procedure Technique Descriptions and Unknown Neurological Imaging Cases. An riveting section on Classic Signs in Pediatric Radiology is available at http://www.virtualpediatrichospital.org/providers/PAP/TOC/Classics.shtml

4. A MetaTextbook of Pediatric Radiology, dealing with Imaging Appearances of Common Pediatric Diseases is authored by Michael P. D'Alessandro, M.D. from the University of Iowa College of Medicine. Offered at http://www.virtualpediatrichospital.org/providers/MetatextbookPedRad/MetaTBPedRad.shtml the material includes the various systems: i.e. Cardiovascular, Chest and Airway, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Musculoskeletal and Neurological System. Similarly, A MetaTextbook of Pediatric Radiology Neurological System from the Virtual Children's Hospital is available at http://www.virtualpediatrichospital.org/providers/MetatextbookPedRad/Neuro.shtml

5. Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children Handbook
is presented at http://www.chw.edu.au/prof/handbook/toc.htm The book first published in 1964 has its the is book 1999 edition available online with Henry Kilham & David Isaacs as its editors. The material is sourced from the Children's Hospital at Westmead, Sydney, the hospital being a stand-alone service dedicated to paediatrics. The present edition of the handbook is divided into 35 sections that covers Hematology, Neonatal Medicine, Biochemical Genetic Emergencies, Cardiology, Respiratory Diseases, Endocrinology and Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Renal Medicine, Guidelines For CT And MRI Scanning, Trauma and Orthopedics.

Picubook at http://picuBOOK.net is a website that focuses as an on-line resource for pediatric critical care. The site at http://pedsccm.wustl.edu/All-Net/main.html fully realizes the potential of web based learning in the specialised field of paediatrics. There are articles, videos, graphics, lectures, animation, slides, javascript calculators and innovative sections titled new stuff, overall format and NLM search threads. Besides there is additional material available at http://medicina.ub.es/All-Net/english/mainpage/contents/contents.html

Back Pain in Children - A Common Clinical Problem in Children is another of the many useful and educative sites fashioned and presented by Michael P. D'Alessandro, M.D. Available at http://www.virtualpediatrichospital.org/providers/BackPainInChildren/BackPainChildren.shtml the material commences with a Diagnostic Algorithm, has sections on "How to interpret plain films of the lumbar spine", describes the Differential diagnosis for back pain in children and rounds off with few Case examples of back pain in children.

8. ElectricAirway
: Upper Airway Problems in Children is a educative essay available at http://www.virtualpediatrichospital.org/providers/ElectricAirway/ElectricAirway.shtml. The material written by Donna M. D'Alessandro, M.D and Michael D'Alessandro, M.D is dividied into sections on Pediatric Airway Disease, Anatomy, The Croup Syndromes, Acute Epiglottitis, Subglottic Stenosis, Tracheo/Laryngomalacia and a Summary of Pediatric Airway Disease. It has a list of Case Studies at the end.

The Pediatric Jeopardy at http://www.virtualpediatrichospital.org/providers/PedJeopardy/jeopardyinstructions.shtml#TOC is a "program developed by Dr. Tim Starner while he was a resident at The University of Iowa". It uses Microsoft Powerpoint 98 as its software

10. Online Pediatric Surgery Handbook
at http://home.coqui.net/titolugo/handbook.htm comprises 11 chapters , each dealing with a specific topic. While the early chapters deal with head and neck topics, obstructive problems, the later chapters deal at length on Hernias and abdominal wall defect, gastrointestinal bleeding and pancreatic and biliary conditions. Separate sections on interesting topics are available towards the end concerning tumors, prenatal congenital malformations and pediatric laparoscopy. Importantly, this entire Handbook on Pediatric Surgery can be downloaded as a PDF file titled Handbook.pdf

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