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Few Useful Websites related to Paediatric Radiology and Related Websites

1. PediatricRadiology.com is the premier pediatric radiology and imaging portal that identifies and provides a starting point to "high quality pediatric radiology World-Wide Web sites". Offered at http://www.pediatricradiology.com the portal comprehensively covers the subject with handy categories such as Pediatric Radiology Textbooks, Teaching Files and Lectures, Atlases, CME and Journals, to name a few. The educative site is funded in part by a grant from the Radiological Society of North America's Research and Education Foundation and is curated by MP D'Alessandro, M.D.

2. Pedrad.org
is presented from the Society for Pediatric Radiology at http://www.pedrad.org This society is a "professional medical organization, committed to improving the health care of patients by providing excellence in diagnostic imaging and treatment of neonates, infants, children and adolescents." The educative sections featured in the website includes Case of the Month, Research and Education Foundation and Internet Links.

3. Pedrad Info
at http://www.pedrad.info is a web portal focusing on pediatrics, pediatric radiology and pediatric surgery. Also available in German version at http://www.kinderradiologie-online.de/ , the site which is authored by Talanow R and Hirsch W, has many sections hosting a variety of features such as an Online Book, Discussion Forum, Most Interesting Cases and Case of the Day etc. One can submit and publish ones own case. Besides all this, educative material titled 'pediatric radiology case collection' is also available.

Pediatric Radiology Normal Measurements is a handy reckoner, sourced from Department of Radiology, Oregon Health and Science University at http://www.ohsu.edu/ps-DiagRadiol/kojima/Normal.htm Stemming from an initial scientific exhibit at the 1999 annual meeting of the Society for Pediatric Radiology the material was originally authored by K Kojima MD, R Thomas MD, and P Silberberg MD. The web material enables radiologists to access normal measurements in categories such as Chest, Gastrointestinal, Endocrine, Renal, Musculoskeletal and Neuroradiology.

5. From the Department of Radiology, School of Medicine at Indiana University, Indianapolis, a Sophomore Pediatric Chest Teaching file is available. Offered at http://www.indyrad.iupui.edu/rtf/teaching/medstudents/pedchest.htm the educative data focuses on the basics of evaluating respiratory disorders in newborns and infants. The material illustrates the basics of obtaining an optimal radiograph, proper techniques, orientation of the film, inspiratory effort, film artifacts, and systematic approach in looking at films, clinical history, and interpretation of films.

" PediatricEducation.org "is a Pediatric Digital Library and Learning Collaboratory intended to serve as a source of continuing pediatric education". Available at http://www.pediatriceducation.org/, the educative materail is divided into sections titled Learning Collaboratory, Cases by Disease or Symptom or Specialty or Age or Date. There is a separate section on Reference Library and discussions. The site is curated by Donna D'Alessandro, M.D. and Michael D'Alessandro, M.D.

A Pediatric Radiology Section is presented from the University of Minnesota at http://www.tc.umn.edu/~hitex001/pedsimage/lectureentry.html and specifically at http://www.tc.umn.edu/nlhome/m122/hitex001/pedsimage/peds.html The largely text material comprises of Imaging of Pediatric Blunt Abdominal Trauma, Imaging of Pediatric Abdominal Emergencies, Radiology of Pediatric Respiratory System, Imaging of Congenital Heart Disease, Pediatric Orthopedic MRI, Neonatal Cranial Ultrasound and Plain Film of the Pediatric Skull and Spine.

8. Pediatric Radiology
at https://www.cchs.net/pediatricradiology/ is a portal authroed by J Reid MD, Section Head of the Children's Hospital, The Cleveland Clinic,Ohio. The material avaialble at hand is essentially an "innovative and comprehensive online learning curriculum". The material has "interactive learning modules authored by experts in pediatric radiology". The material targets radiology residents and "serves as a reference "text" by pediatric residents and practicing radiologists". It includes "a collection of multiple pediatric cases, all of which have been pathologically proven". A mandatory registration enables complete utilisation of this educative site.

Paediapaedia is an Imaging Encyclopedia of Pediatric Disease, written by Michael P. D'Alessandro M.D, Professor of Radiology, from the University of Iowa.Paediapaedia is available at http://www.virtualpediatrichospital.org/providers/PAP/PAPHome.shtml#TOC. The material is dividied into systems like Neonatal Chest, Chest and Airway, Cardiovascualr, GI, GU, Neurological and Musculoskeletal. Each system section comprehensively describes further Diseases, Clinical/Radiographic Presentations,Differential Diagnosis, Approaches to Imaging, Imaging Procedure, Technique Descriptions and a compendium of Unknown Imaging Cases. A separate section on Classic Signs in Pediatric Radiology is available at http://www.virtualpediatrichospital.org/providers/PAP/TOC/Classics.shtml

10. The UK Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre
(HGMP-RC) has its official portal at http://www.hgmp.mrc.ac.uk/ The site provides "access to leading-edge tools for research in the fields of genomics, genetics and functional genomics." Dysmorphic Syndromes is one such area that is comprehensively covered at http://www.hgmp.mrc.ac.uk/DHMHD/view_human.html Herein, one can view Dysmorphic Syndrome features or one can select a dysmorphic syndrome by clicking on the link.

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