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Few Useful Websites related to Neuroembryology

1. The Story of the Development and Maldevelopment of the Brain at http://www.vh.org/Providers/Textbooks/FetalYoungCNS/FetalYoungCNS.html is created from the Department of Anatomy of University of Iowa College of Medicine. The contents include germ layers, embryogenesis (formation of embryo), brain development: histogenesis. Additionally, causes of brain malformations, malformations of neural tube defects and malformations of histogenesis are also dealt with. Other features that are of interest include sections on "Structural - Functional Correlation" and "Lessons Learned from Functional Imaging".

2. Embryology
from Henry Gray Anatomy of the Human Body is available at http://www.bartleby.com/107/2.html This 20th edition (1918) covers the entire embryology comprehensively with text and illustrations that may be searchable by keyword or by a table of contents or directly browsed by thumbnail. The sections on Neuroembryology is available in sequence, commencing from Neural Groove and Tube accessible at http://www.bartleby.com/107/7.html.

Embryology from the University of New South Wales is a portal developed by Dr Mark Hill. The site has many graphical illustrations sets and is enriched by features such as Carnegie Stages, Development, System and Class Notes. The section of "Notes" organized for Neuroembryology is available at http://anatomy.med.unsw.edu.au/cbl/embryo/Notes/neuron.htm, which features Computer Activities, Objectives, Learning activities, Development Overview, Late Neural Development and References. Head and Neck Embryology Home Page focusing on Serial Sections Carnegie Stage 22 is also available at http://anatomy.med.unsw.edu.au/CBL/Embryo/wwwhuman/HumHead.htm.

4. From the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at Temple University School of Medicine, Neuroembryology featuring graphic educative material on neural tube, spinal cord, cerebellum, midbrain, diencephalons/ telencephalon and ventricular systems is accessible at http://courses.temple.edu/neuroanatomy/lab/embryo/index.htm.

Embryology Collaborative at http://isc.temple.edu/marino/embryo/defaulthold.htm is an embryology resource site crafted by Thomas A. Marino, Ph.D at Tempkle Univesrity, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia that has some of the best resources for understanding the development of a particular organ system or systems. The educative material focusing on CNS is available at http://isc.temple.edu/marino/embryo/brain.htm

6. An Atlas of Human Embryogenesis at http://www.bioscience.org/atlases/fert/embryoge.htm and http://www.bioscience.org/atlases/fert/indexpic.htm has instructive material on a wide range of topics such as uterus, fetus, amnion and placenta, pregnant uterus, embryogenesis etc This site, a part of Frontiers In Bioscience, also has useful material on Neuroembryology, all available at a click of pictures.

Images of Nervous System Development from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is accessible at http://www.med.unc.edu/embryo_images/unit-nervous/nerv_htms/nervtoc.htm. The material has separate sections on Cell Populations, Spinal Cord, Brain(Week 5-9), Pituitary Gland, and Brain (Weeks 9-16)

8. Educative material focusing on Neural Crest is available at http://cal.man.ac.uk/student_projects/1999/moran/. Caroline Moran and Dr S.J Kimber from the University of Manchester host the material, an outcome of an academic project. It is divided into sections that deals with Neural Crest Formation, Fate of the neural crest cells, Timing of Development, Migratory Pathways, Migratory mechanisms and culminates in Glossary, Links and Bibliography.

Human Facial Development at http://www.biomed2.man.ac.uk/ugrad/biomedical/calpage/sproject/rob/robsite.html is an educative website that explains diagrammatically the basic morphology of human face. The formation of the face in embryo, between the fourth and tenth weeks is described in a sequence indexed by Weeks. Separate sections on Abnormal Development and Glossary of terms used are also available.

Embryology and Brain Development is a illustrative lecture notes authored by by Jaleel Miyan & Clare Draper, available online at http://www.bi.umist.ac.uk/users/mjfjam/OPT-NEU/Embryology.htm as a part of "Topics in neuroscience".


Neuroembryology Notes
is contributed by David Boshell is accessible at http://www.geocities.com/medinotes/Neuroembryology.html.

Embryology Graphics at has numerous diagrams covering a wide range of topics such as Fertilization, Gastrulation, Neurulation, Primary Organ Formation in Ectoderm, Formation of Organ Rudiments in Mesoderm, Development in Endoderm etc.

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