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Few Useful Websites on
International Radiology

Belgian Radiology Link at http://www.devolder.be/brl/ is a site from Belgium with the main purpose of this site is to stimulate communication between Belgian and foreign radiologists. Edited and reviewed by Dr. Erik Ranschaert, this site offers at http://www.devolder.be/brl/inhoudstafel2.htm inhoudstafel2.htm numerous interesting hyperlinks, a case of the month Teaching Files, Teleradiology, World Wide Radiology Links and Radiological Societies etc and a link to Eufora e-mail that connects European radiologists. The "Site of the Month" at http://www.devolder.be/brl/Siteofmonth.htm is a popular and an interesting area that features an useful site to Radiologists on a monthly basis.

2. Clinique Montchoisi Radiologie
at http://www.swissradiology.com or http://www.montchoisi.ch/radiologie/RadiologieE.html is a radiology Portal from Institut De Radiologie based in Switzerland. The site has well-executed offerings on Current Pathology and Imaging Guidelines. Regional areas such as Neck and thorax, Upper abdomen, Genitourinary, Vascular and Central nervous system are wrapped up in http://www.montchoisi.ch/radiologie/RadiologieE.html . In addition, a handy set of 'must see' Radiology links is accessible at http://www.montchoisi.ch/radiologie/links.html

3. French Radiology Multimedia Server
athttp://www.med.univ-rennes1.fr/cerf/cerf_an.html is an online educative portal fashioned by French Council of the Teachers of Radiology (CERF). The site is technically sophisticated, menu-laden with a number of innovative items including 3700 on-line clinical cases that can be accessed at http://www.med.univ-rennes1.fr/cerf/ico_an/INDEXAN.HTM and at http://www.med.univ-rennes1.fr/cerf/iconocerf/idx/tous/index.html These cases can be retrieved on the basis by MESH or by author or by index of History or by the last cases (best quality) or simply in a Query form.

4. Holland Radiology Page at http://home-1.worldonline.nl/~knmg1588/radilogiesites.htm offers a wide variety of material relevant to radiologists. There are a range of topics that wraps up Teaching and Practice: MR and CT, Anatomy, Musculoskeletal Digital Radiology and Ultrasound. Besides all these, there are links to Radiological Departments, Radiological Journals and Newsgroups.

Hong Kong College of Radiologists at http://www.hkcr.org/ has a range of online features such as Continuing Medical Education, Online Resources, News and Events and Newsletter. One great feature is the Case of the Month, which is available at http://www.hkcr.org/CaseOfMonth/ , wherein a new challenging case is provided on the 15th of each month.

6. The Italian Society of Radiology (S.I.R.M.) at http://www.sirm.org/uk and http://www.sirm.org/uk/index.html is the official site of the scientific society (founded in 1913) whose main purpose is in improving knowledge in diagnostic imaging. The S.I.R.M. offers the journal "La Radiologia Medica", which publishes original scientific texts concerning radiological subjects, case reports, special Scientific Sections, methods and technology, produced mainly by Italian Radiologists.

7. Korean Radiology Site
at http://home.hanmir.com/~radindex/ is another well-regarded international site. This site is essentially a free resource offering an assortment of material that includes Quizzes/Cases, Radiological Journals. Among other worthwhile online features is the set of links to Subspecialties within Radiology such as Neuro/H&N, Chest, Abdomen, GUT and Modalities such as USG, CT/MRI, Nuclear Medicine and Physics.

8. Medical Image Reference Center/Cancer,
(called also as MEDIREC/Cancer) is a reference database system of cancer images from National Cancer Center of Japan (NCC). This site which is available at http://www.medirec.ncc.go.jp/pub/gmain.html is a reference database containing cases contributed from collaborating centers worldwide. The searches are made by ten groups of Modalities and nine organ systems. One can download the MEDIREC Viewer for displaying DICOM images. Search can be performed by ACR code, Major anatomical code, and Pathological code, Modality or by image findings.

Eurorad at http://www.eurorad.org/ is website maintained by the European Association of Radiology and offers quality Radiology education material. Principally, the website has case material (retrievable by anatomical regions or by a search index available at http://www.eurorad.org/search.cfm) and a link to Eurorad Newsletter at http://www.eurorad.org/newsletter.cfm which is open to "Radiologists, Radiology Residents, Medical Students and Physicians"

10.Turkish Society of Thoracic Radiology at http://www.toraksrad.org/english/index.html is the official website that was founded in 1996. The highlight of the site is the case of the month and Quiz.Both these features are exculsively available with cases commencing from Apr 2001


There is a short list of sites that keep a track on the online emergence and presence of Radiology Sites across the globe. Foremost among them is the popular resource from RSNA, available as Multilingual and Non-English Language Radiology Sites at http://www.rsna.org/education/launchpad/multilingual.html Similarly, Radiology Country wise Lists at http://www.med.unibo.it/rad2/Rad/other.htm , SickleHut International Radiology Site Links at http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~jfung/radiology.htm also maps the Online global presence of radiology material.

A set of links that that focuses on International Radiology Links, albeit categorised in geographical groups is available in the form of Europe Sites at http://www.med.unibo.it/rad2/Rad/europe.htm , American Sites at http://www.med.unibo.it/rad2/Rad/America.htm and Asian Sites at http://www.med.unibo.it/rad2/Rad/other.htm

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