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Few Useful Websites related to Fetal Imaging

1. Fetus.Net at http://www.thefetus.net/ is a "non-profit corporation dedicated to promote education about prenatal diagnosis by ultrasound over the web", presented by Philippe Jeanty. An educative Case of the Week is available at the click of a mosaic of images with the focus being on identifying findings or an anomaly. There are other absorbing sections such as: Recently posted articles, Continuing Medical Education - all these targeting physicians, sonographers and others who perform and/or interpret OB ultrasound.

Fetal Biometrics Ultrasound at http://medicine.creighton.edu/radiology/Ultraoffetalbiomet.html is a brief article on Biometrics and Fetal Growth Retardation, which covers Biometrics, Individual measurement characteristics and techniques. Likewise, Fetal Morphometric Data is presented at by N. Shinozuka, M.D.

3. International Birth Defects Information Systems
or IBIS at http://www.ibis-birthdefects.org/ is a treasure house of scientific knowledge and information related to birth defects, genetic disorders and teratology. Incidentally, IBIS is a name denoting an Egyptian symbol of wisdom. The site weaves fascinatingly through sections such as IBIS Birth Defects Syndrome Book, Birth Defects, Teratogens, Genetic Counseling, Teratology, Syndromes, Malformations and Anomalies and Clinical Assistance that comprises of fact sheets and support groups. Besides all this, there are educative sections titled Topics, Themes, Overviews and Information Resources.

4. Level II Ultrasound: Fetal Structural Abnormalities is presented at http://www.perinatology.com/ultrasound.htm The material divides the topic into regional sections within which the various anomalies are discussed. Besides there are pages and links to on Biometry Charts Source, RCOG Protocol Standards and Training, ACR Standard for the Performance of Antepartum Obstetrical Ultrasound (PDF file).

5. Greg Devore's Prenatal Diagnosis Homepage
at http://www.fetal.com/ is "a website designed to be of assistance to patients and physicians". Educative material on prenatal diagnosis, aminocentesis, ultrasound, maternal-serum screening, and other diagnostic tests is presented. Sections on Genetic Ultrasound, Fetal Echocardiography and Evaluation of Fetal Growth are available too.

Fetal Anomalies.Com is a portal dealing with fetal medicine. Available at http://www.fetalanomalies.com/ , the website has sections covering important entities such as Normal Anatomy at http://www.fetalanomalies.com/Normal_Anatomy.html , anomalies, topics etc. The disease entities are indexed regions wise, taking in CNS, Spine and Neural tube defects, Face and Neck, Cardiac, Genitourinary Tract, Extremities and others. Additionally, material on Syndromes, Fetal infection, Hydrops and Ascites, Normal biometric calculations and Charts and Tables Maternal Biochemistry, Fetal Syndromes and Advances in Prenatal Techniques are also available.

ObUltrasound Net at http://www.ob-ultrasound.net/ has an illustrative catalogue of fetal anomalies within it. The material comprehensively covers almost 70 fetal anomalies and is available at http://www.ob-ultrasound.net/anomaly.html The anomalies described are diagnosable by ultrasound and coves entities such as Achondroplasia, Amniotic band syndrome, Cleft lip and palate, Dandy Walker malformation, Meckel-Gruber syndrome, Osteogenesis imperfecta, Thanatophoric dwarfism and Trisomy 13/ 18/21, to name a few.

Birth Defects at http://www.icbd.org/link.htm is a website that presents material for professionals that includes Birth Defects, Registries, Medical Information, Genetics, Journals, Web. Besides there is material on Congenital Malformations, Multiple congenital anomalies, Chromosomal Syndromes, Mental Retardation, Skeletal Dysplasias. OBGYN.net presents an illustrative and useful Fetal Anomaly Image Library at http://www.obgyn.net/image_library/ob_fetal.htm Similarly, Birth Defect Syndromes are covered at http://www.usouthal.edu/genetics/gdrophealth.htm

9. March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation
at http://www.modimes.org/ is an organization that focuses on commonly encountered threats to babies health, chiefly, prematurity, birth defects and low birth weight. The foundation has been so named by its historical reference to the establishment of the March of Dimes by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1938 to save America's youth from polio. Educative material and a variety of sections are presented in the form of Resource Center, Fact Sheets, Infant Health Statistics, Peristats, Drugs and Alcohol During Pregnancy, Prenatal Screenings, Infections/Diseases During Pregnancy, Birth Defects and Genetics.

Online Multiple Congenital Anomaly / Mental Retardation (MCA/MR) Syndromes is essentially an informative "database of structured descriptions of congenital abnormalities associated with mental retardation", created by Stanley Jablonski. The online database stores nearly 700 multiple congenital anomalies syndromes that are associated with mental retardation. The site available at http://www.nlm.nih.gov/mesh/jablonski/syndrome_title.html utilises a powerful search that enables search by fields, major features, syndrome name, synonym, MeSH Term or by OMIM Number. A table of content with the disorders catalogued A to Z is available at http://www.nlm.nih.gov/mesh/jablonski/syndrome_toc/toc_a.html


The Development of the Embryo and Fetus is an illustrative depiction available at http://www.w-cpc.org/fetal.html . The diagrammatic material is indexed by duration of weeks. Also, available is a 3 MB QuickTime movie on How The Unborn Child Grows!, sourced from University of Pennsylvania.

Fetal3D.com at http://www.fetal3d.com/index1.htm offers educative material that covers Amniotic Fluid Index Values, Morphometric Data, Blood Flow of Maternal Vessels, Estimated Fetal Weight, Umbilical Artery Resistance Index and other data.

Fetal Surgeons at http://www.fetalsurgeons.com/ is an Electronic Patient Information Brochure covering the specific area of Fetal Diagnosis & Therapy. Material on Fetal Surgery for Hydrocephalus, Research on TTTS, Research on Stem Cell Therapy are presented at the webpage. Besides there are absorbing sections titled CyberRag and Virtual Surgery.

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