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Few Websites Websites on the Emergency Radiology / Medicine

Finding-the-Path is essentially a "Problem-based guide to diagnostic imaging strategies in the Emergency Room". This website is authored by Azmoun, Aliabadi, and Holman, from the Department of Radiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School and is available at http://brighamrad.harvard.edu/education/online/ftp/FTP.html Created for Emergency room physicians and trainees, Radiology residents the material is covered principally under Index Of Cases and Algorithms. The essence of this webpage is choosing correctly from a complex set of imaging modalities in an emergency scenario.

2. ICU Chest Radiology
at http://www.med.virginia.edu/med-ed/rad/chest/ is a valuable website that covers the important but neglected area of ICU Radiology. The website deals with Xray techniques, describes the normal ICU series, focuses on lines and tubes, describes air in the chest and fluid in the chest and discusses lung processes.

Radiology Case in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, from the University of Hawaii is available at http://www.hawaii.edu/medicine/pediatrics/pemxray/pemxray.html The material is principally in the form of fully prepared and worked up radiology cases in Paediatric Emergency. Edited by Loren G. Yamamoto, Alson S. Inaba, Robert M. DiMauro, from the Kapiolani Medical Center for women and children, University of Hawaii the free viewable/downloadable software has six volumes each with 20 diverse and distinct cases. Incidentally the seventh is nearing completion.

4. Emergency Xray of the week is accessible from National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics at http://ncemi.org/ NCEMI is "an Emergency Medicine institute dedicated to the advancement of emergency medicine through information technologies". The websection on ED Academic focuses on resources for emergency medicine and general medical research and education. The ED Quiz is an interesting section wherein one can participate and test the knowledge in emergency medicine. There is a link to emergency textbooks, too. A large list of nearly 100 Medical E-Tools is available in the form of algorithms, calculators, decision rules, diagrams, scores and tables

eMedicine Quick Reference at http://www.emedicine.com/quickref.shtml is a handy quick reference. The site has a compilation of "Tools" and the "J.A.D.E. Abstract Update Service". "Tools" consists of material such as algorithms, calculators, decision rules, diagrams, scores, search tools, and tables that can that help in management of emergencies. To illustrate, the section on calculators has material on blood alcohol concentration, body mass index, celsius to fahrenheit conversion and vice versa, predicted endotracheal tube size for age, pregnancy calculator, electrolyte estimators and acid-base disturbance graph etc.

6. Emergency Department Management of Pediatric Head Trauma
at http://www.pediatric-emergency.com/headtrauma.htm covers Head Trauma comprehensively. The didactic material comprises epidemiology of head trauma, assessment of children with acute head injury, assessment of the risk of intracranial injury in acute head injury, diagnostic accuracy of physical exam in children with intracranial injury,. disposition of the ct-negative patient,. special situations and controversies, intracranial injury, management of intracranial injury.

7. Emergency management of Head Injuries
from http://www.studentbmj.com/back_issues/0500/education/140.html is a basic primer by Kevin Turner, Adam Jones, and Ashok Handa offering a guide to dealing with patients who have head injuries. Interesting titles includes Skull x ray films - who needs them?, Indications for computed tomography scanning,

EMedHome at http://emedhome.com/ is another educative site launched in 2000. The mission of the site is mission "is to provide a user-friendly resource that is designed to be the premier educational website for emergency physicians". This site has useful features such as a featured article, clinical cases and clinical pearls. There are other sections such as Ultrasound , Discussion Boards and Database Resources. Besides MedLine Search is also possible from this site. The sections on Calculators hosts a variety of Protocols, Algorithms, Sample Orders, and Guidelines.

9. Emergency Medicine Textbook
at http://www.emedicine.com is an online, multiauthored clinical textbook, displaying chapters on topics like dermatology, emergency medicine, neurology and pediatrics. A different team of authors writes each chapter and a quiz appears at the end. A wide range of emergency medicine topics is available such as emergency medical systems, legal aspects of emergency medicine; managing the emergency department; organisations in emergency medicine; special aspects of emergency medicine including foreign and missionary emergency medicine

EMBBS or Emergency Medicine Bulletin Board System at http://www.embbs.com/ is a website with the primary goal "to enhance communication between physicians and to develop a medium that brings the benefits of computer technology to emergency and primary care physicians". Created in 1994, the site has rich educative material including a Medical Photograph Library supporting photographs and ECG's, a Radiology Library which facilitates viewing and downloading hundreds of images, a CT Scan Library, as well. Other useful sections include pediatric emergency medicine topics, electrocardiogram of the month, ECG file room and toxicology corner.


Radiology Decision Making is an interesting and engrossing section from American Association of Family Physician. The topics related to Emergency Radiology featured in this section includes Cervical spine radiographs in the trauma patient by Mark Graber and Mary Kathol at http://www.aafp.org/afp/990115ap/331.html Recognizing spinal cord emergencies by Daisy Arce and Pamela Sass at http://www.aafp.org/afp/20010815/631.html Pitfalls in the Radiologic Evaluation of Extremity Trauma by Christine Shearman and Georges Y El-khoury available as Upper Extremity at http://www.aafp.org/afp/980301ap/shearman.html and Lower Extremity at http://www.aafp.org/afp/980315ap/shearman.html

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