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Few Websites dealing with the DICOM Resources

RSNA DICOM is an excellent storehouse of resources on DICOM, available at http://www.rsna.org/practice/dicom/index.html . From this point one can navigate into interesting sections such as Practice resources, DICOM software, Nontechnical introduction to DICOM, DICOM resources on the Internet that contains DICOM Conformance Statements too. In addition quick links and a search facility is also available. In particular, the DICOM resources on the Internet at http://www.rsna.org/practice/dicom/dicom.html is a collection of useful sites related to DICOM.

2. Medical Image Format FAQ
(frequently asked questions) is a site available at http://www.dclunie.com/medical-image-faq/html/ targetting particularly those interested in
understanding about images, formats, proprietary formats, compression etc. The FAQ's are divided
into eight parts. The eighth part deals exclusively on DICOM and is available as DICOM Information Sources at http://idt.net/~dclunie/medical-image-faq/html/part8.html

Merge DICOM Resources is a collection of material and links on DICOM from Merge Technologies Incorporated a company "in the business of integrating radiology images and patient/clinical information into healthcare enterprise networks". This material is available at http://www.merge.com/dicom/resources/. The Current Status of the DICOM Standard is accessible at http://www.merge.com/resources/dicom_resources_currentstatus.htm. Besides there are material on DICOM standards committee procedures and a list of DICOM standards committee and working groups

4. Binder's Bookmarks on Telemedicine and Telematics in Medicine at http://home.ipe.uni-stuttgart.de/~binder/ has a set of links and information about DICOM. Binder's Bookmarks is a webpage "intended as a non-commercial exchange of information in telemedicine, telematics in medicine and medical informatics.

5. DICOM Toolkit (OFFIS) at
http://www.offis.uni-oldenburg.de/projekte/dicom/soft-docs/soft01_e.html is an useful set of applications implementing large parts of the DICOM standard. It includes software for examining, constructing and converting DICOM image files, handling offline media, sending and receiving images over a network connection, as well as demonstration image storage and worklist servers. Principally, the DCMTK software is written in a mixture of ANSI C and C++. The DCMTK software can be compiled under Windows NT or a wide range of Unix operating systems.

6. Expasy DICOM links
is available at http://www.expasy.ch/UIN/html1/radiology/pacshunt/PacsLinks.html. The links are catalogued into broad sets namely, General information on DICOM, Commercial global PACS solutions, DICOM toolkits, DICOM & PACS consulting / Training, Non-DICOM modality integration, DICOM testing tools

A exhaustive set of DICOM Resources is available at http://www.jfcr.or.jp/DICOM/dicom_resources_19970219.html . The links and resource material covers area such as DICOM Source Code Implementations, Stand alone DICOM Tool Kits from Commercial sources, Stand alone DICOM Services and Test Tools, DICOM Training,

8. DICOM Web Pages
at http://gamma.wustl.edu/tf/caic/dicom_web_pages.htm has a well organised compiled list created by Gary Sayed, board member of the SNM Computer and instrumentation council on DICOM standard status, DICOM conformance and DICOM educational resources

9. University of Pisa DICOM Links at http://dicom.rad.unipi.it/. The links and resource material covers area such as Works, Resources, Documents, Software, Projects.

10. Go Pips DICOM Links at http://go-pips.com/html/links_12.htm Software, Freeware/Shareware, Commercial imaging, Image formats sites providing technical information on image formats


Ask the DICOM Expert
at http://www.otechimg.com/expert/browse.asp is an interactive site on DICOM. DicomAnalyser DICOM Links is a concise set of useful DICOM links from ANALYSER, a DICOM vendor based in UK. This site is accessible at http://www.dicomanalyser.co.uk/html/useful.htm

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