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Few Useful Websites related to Contrast Media Websites

1. Introduction to Intravenous Radiographic Contrast is a concise summary of the subject by Romell Dhadha, featured as a part of the Department of Radiology Short Clerkship: Lectures. The material is available at http://www.vh.org/Providers/Lectures/RadiologyLectures/Dhada.html.

2. Contrast media Guidelines
from the European Society of Urogenital Radiology is a comprehensive reference for issues related to renal, non renal and other reactions to contrast media. Available at http://www.esur.org/guidelines.cfm from the official site of European Society of Urogenital Radiology, the material has sections on renal adverse reactions, Non-renal adverse reactions as well as Future ESUR Guidelines. An ESUR position statement on the use of gadolinium-based contrast media for radiographic examinations is also available.

ACR Practice Guidelines and Technical Standards focuses on the best Radiodiagnosis & Imaging practice with quality and safety. The ACR practice guideline for the use of intravascular Contrast media is accessible at http://www.acr.org/departments/stand_accred/standards/pdf/iv_contrast_media.pdf

4. From the portal Chest Xray.com http://www.chestx-ray.com/Practice/Contrast.html, radiology contrast is dealt concisely under the following sections: General, Nonionic vs ionic, Risk Factors, Severity of Reactions, Renal toxicity, Screening Creatinine and Treatment. The portal http://www.chestx-ray.com/ comprehensively covers research, education. practice and resources.

A Simple Guide to the basics of contrast media is available in the form of Guide notes at http://www.xray2000.f9.co.uk/Site3/contrast_media/contrast_media_introduction.htm. The material available includes iodinated intravascular contrast agents, barium sulphate, biliary contrast agents and handling Contrast media reactions and Allergic Emergencies. Besides contrast media company links are available too.

6. Intravascular Radiographic Contrast Media: Issues for Family Physicians is a comprehensive article featured in Journal of the American Board of Family Practice. Authored by Robert B. Hash, from Mercer University School of Medicine, Macon, Ga., the material is available at http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/417832_1. A mandatory registration is required. The topics covered include Conventional intravascular radiographic contrast media, Toxicity and anaphylactoid reactions, cardiovascular reactions, Delayed reactions and renal toxicity to Radiographic contrast media, Contrast agents for MRI and Medicolegal issues.

As a part of the section on Radiology Decision Making in American Academy of Family Physicians, "Adverse Reactions to Contrast Material: Recognition, Prevention, and Treatment" is a topic authored by Thomas G. Maddox, from Saint Luke's Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri. This comprehensive overview is available at http://www.aafp.org/afp/20021001/1229.html.

8. From Resuscitation Council (UK), London, UK, at http://www.resus.org.uk/siteindx.htm are available a set of important and useful guidelines, medical information and reports, covering issues related to resuscitation. Some of them include Resuscitation guidelines, Core competencies in adult CPR and AEDs, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidance for clinical practice and training in hospitals, Emergency medical treatment of anaphylactic reactions for First medical responders and for Community nurses.

9. An educative supplement on CT angiography with Multislice CT and issues in Contrast is featured in Applied Radiology (Mar 2002). Available after a compulsory registration, the material available at http://www.appliedradiology.com/backissues/issue.asp?ID=71, covers important topics such as Optimizing contrast use in Multislice CT, Fast CT in neurological imaging: contrast issues, Contrast multiplies Cardiac CT applications, CTA of extremities: New approaches to scanning, Contrast use, New contrast administration protocols: Safety considerations. A panel discussion is also available at the end.

10. A survey of Interactions between Contrast Media and other Drugs is available in a table format at http://www.radiology-usz.ch/html/english/institution/kmEngl/km-interaktE3.htm. The tabulated data takes in headings as Drug, contrast medium, mechanism, recommended action and relevant bibliography.


A Power point presentation on Contrast media is available from Indyrad at http://www.indyrad.iupui.edu/public/radsci/radhome/R103/2003%20R103%20Unit%20VII%20Contrast%20Media.ppt. From eMedicine, comprehensive educative material on radiographic iodinated contrast media (ICM) is obtainable at http://www.emedicine.com/radio/byname/contrast-medium-reactions-recognition-and-treatment.htm. German Remedies (India) at has a variety of downloads available, including a basic MRI primer. Amersham offers educative material in Clinical References at http://www.amershamhealth-us.com/medpro/clinref/, plus a section on extravasation of contrast media a potential problem arising from the use of power injectors.

A Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast for Radiological Diagnosis titled Bubbles in Radiology - The State of the Art is available at http://www.swchsc.on.ca/bubble/ after a mandatory registration. An Interactive Glossary of Contrast Ultrasound by Peter N Burns and Harald Becher is available at http://www.sunnybrook.utoronto.ca/EchoHandbook/index.htm.

CT Contrast Media is a pdf format document offered at http://www.t2star.com/ct_1/ct_contrast_media.pdf from Outsource by Bill Faulkner and Carolyn Rout. MRI Contrast Agents is a basic primer authored by J. Ray Ballinger and available at http://www.mritutor.org/mritutor/contrast.htm.

Controversies and Consensus in Imaging and Interventions is a new journal for medical imaging professionals in Europe, focusing on current issues in interventional radiology, interventional cardiology and CT radiology. Available after an initial mandatory subscription at http://www.c2i2.org/register/registerC2I2.aspx?page=confirm.html, the journal is published three times a year.

Finally, here are few links to the Contrast manufacturer and distributor sites (alphabetically arranged)

1. Acusphere: http://www.acusphere.com/

2. Amersham Health: http://www.amershamhealth.com/index.asp

3. Bracco: http://www.bracco.com/Bracco/home.htm

4. Berlex Laboratories: http://www.berleximaging.com/index.html

5. Cadila Pharmaceuticals: http://www.cadilapharma.com/

6. Dabur: http://www.dabur.com/

7. E. Merck (India) Ltd http://www.merck.co.in/

8. Guerbet: www.guerbet-group.com

9. German Remedies :

10. Mallinkrodt: http://www.mallinckrodt.com/

11. Schering http:// www.schering.de

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