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Few Useful MRI Safety Websites

1. Cardiac MRI Anatomical Atlas is a basic anatomical primer available at http://www.scmr.org/education/atlas/intro/mrilinks.htm. The atlas authored by Steven Thrupp et al from Auckland Cardiac MRI Research Group and co workers, contains illustrative description on the five different views of the heart: sagittal, coronal, axial, long axis and short axis. These five cross-sectional cardiac anatomy view sets, taken at end-diastole comprises a series of sequential images totaling to 98 anatomical images with over 750 labels. Enabled by Java applets, one can conveniently manipulate the zoom, pan, labels, brightness and contrast of the individual images.

A Guide To Cardiac Imaging at http://www.simplyphysics.com/Cardiac_1.html describes the standardized cardiac imaging planes used in a typical MRI examination. To determine the correct orientation of the imaging planes, diagrammatical descriptions of vertical long axis (VLA) or 2 chamber view (2C), horizontal long axis (HLA or 4 chamber view (4C) and multiple, contiguous short axis views are available.

3. MRI in Heart and Circulation
is an educative narrative authored by Graham Wright, Ph.D., from the University of Toronto, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre. The material available at http://www.sunnybrook.utoronto.ca:8080/~gawright/menu_mr_nf.html focuses on MR Physics relevant to Cardiac MRI/ The topics covered includes Basic Physics, Imaging, Contrast, and Noise, Image Artifacts and Image Analysis.

4. Pediatric Non-Breath-Hold Cardiac MR Imaging is an educative exhibit from the University of Iowa College of Medicine. Authored by Daniel J. Hoefer, Yutaka Sato, Lizann Bolinger and Thomas D. Scholz, the material is available at http://www.vh.org/pediatric/provider/radiology/PedsCardiacMR/Home.html and covers sections on Hardware/Software, Technique with Cases using non-breath-hold cardiac MR in the study of congenital heart disease (CHD) in infants and children.

5. Heart MRI at http://www.heartmri.com/ is a portal specifically focusing on users of cardiovascular MR scanners. The educative material covers MRI Applications like Viability (infarct) Imaging, Quantitative function parameters, Arrythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia, Software descriptions, Cardiac MRI Protocols and Cardiac MRI Lectures. The section on Lectures contains the following topics at the moment : Lectures on myocardial viability, Quantitative evaluation of LV function, Advanced MR techniques and Practical cardiac MR.

Cardiac MR protocols is available from http://www.mri.jhu.edu/~dbluemke/. Authored by DA Bluemke, from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, the educative research material is in the form of copyrighted slide and lectures. The topics covered includes Normal Cardiac MR parameters: LV/ RV parameters, normalized values, Basic Cardiac MR protocols, Cardiac MR lecture, Cardiac function evaluation and Development of dobutamine-stress cardiac MRI examination. A ready reference on Cardiac Parameters is available at http://www.mri.jhu.edu/~dbluemke/Cardiac Parameters.html.

Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute at http://www.nums.nwu.edu/feinbergcardio/mri/clinical.html or http://www.nums.nwu.edu/feinbergcardio/mri/ offers educative material on Cardiac MRI. Sourced from Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, the website offers a range of illustrative cases on Cardiac MRI, Coronary and peripheral Angiography and Viability Imaging.

8. The Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CMR) Unit of the Royal Brompton Hospital and National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College established in 1984, has its official website at http://www.rbh-cmr.org/. An offshoot of its research in CMRI is dedicated software CMR Tools. For more information on CMR Tools, one can browse http://www.rbh-cmr.org/tocCMRTools.htm.

9. Cardiovascular MRI Teaching File is available at http://www.cardiac-mri.com/. This educational web site offers clinical information about cardiovascular imaging. This web site has an impressive Teaching File by André J. Duerinckx, MD-PhD, Professor of Radiology and Medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas and his collaborators.

10. The Official website of European Society of Cardiology, a society "dedicated to improving the quality of life of the European population by reducing the impact of cardiovascular disease" is available at http://www.escardio.org. The Cardiovascular MRI Workgroup has its web page at http://www.escardio.org/wg26/ and http://www.eurocmr.org/, wherein interesting case studies are available.

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