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Few Websites dealing with the Basics of DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)

1. The Official Home Page Of DICOM is accessible from National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) at http://www.nema.org/nema/medical/dicom/. DICOM is an imaging industry standard which brings about the exchange, processing and management of medical images in a digital form. There is a Power point presentation on Dicom available at http://medical.nema.org/dicom/Pixelwrk/. A summary of the Current Activities And future directions of the Dicom Standard is accessible at http://medical.nema.org/dicom.html. To know more about DICOM, DICOM 2001 is a downloadable pdf set of documents available at http://medical.nema.org/dicom/2001.html. The material is comprehensive and covers issues such as conformance, information object definitions, service class specifications and media storage and file format for media interchange in almost 16 parts

2. A Brief Background of the DICOM Standard
is accessible at http://medical.nema.org/dicom/geninfo/dicomstrategyv105/StrategyJuly0601.htm . This Strategic Document "provides a summary of the current activities and future directions of the DICOM standard". The webpage commences with A Brief Background of the DICOM Standard, deals with the Scope of DICOM, outlines the Technology Overview and gives a overview of the DICOM's Organizational Structure and the all important DICOM Standards Committee and Working Groups

3. A Non Technical Introduction To DICOM
is a handy guide written by Steven C. Horii, MD and is available at http://www.rsna.org/REG/practiceres/dicom/nontechintro.html . The material covers important areas such as Communication, A DICOM Interchange, DICOM Services, The Elemental Unit of DICOM, Conformance. An interesting DICOM Walk-Through is also available at http://www.rsna.org/REG/practiceres/dicom/walkthrough.html which goes into the DICOM methodology of actual accomplishment of send CT images from a CT scanner to a workstation

4. From the Penn State Radiology are a series of material on DICOM specifically available as Physicians resources on DICOM at http://www.xray.hmc.psu.edu/physresources/dicom/. The site, in particular has an educative set of DICOM slides in PowerPoint that can be either viewed at http://www.xray.hmc.psu.edu/physresources/dicom/dicom_slides/ or downloaded as a zip file http://www.xray.hmc.psu.edu/physresources/dicom/dicom_slides/dicom_slides.zip . Besides all this there are useful links to Basic Information, Dicom Software Links, Links to Standard Drafts and Conformance Statements

The Basics of DICOM at http://www.offis.de/projekte/dicom/project_dicom2.htm offers an insight of Dicom. The material from OFFIS traces the origins of digital medical image processing, moving on to overview of DICOM standard. It outlines the DICOM data structures and DICOM Network Services. Furthermore, the important issues of media exchange and the critical area of conformance statement is also dealt with

6. What mom forgot to tell you about DICOM
is a handy site at http://www.dominator.com/customertools/dicom.htm authored by Dan Konigsbach a DR Systems Senior Engineer. It is essentially a buyer's guide for DICOM interconnectivity. The material is primarily to "educate radiology customers, and to hopefully stimulate other manufacturers to adhere to the DICOM standard in an honest, open, and functional manner."

The DICOM Standard is a succinct guide from School of Psychology, Nottingham at http://www.psychology.nottingham.ac.uk/staff/cr1/dicom.html that offers a basic description of the DICOM standard. The webpage covers useful material on the introduction to the DICOM single-file format and the importance of the DICOM header. Besides a free software for viewing DICOM images is also available. Moreover, links to free DICOM viewers, free DICOM servers/clients, sample DICOM images and DICOM resources are all available.

8. DICOM: An Introduction to the Standard
is a basic primer on DICOM. This site is authored by SC Horii, F W. Prior et al and is accessible at http://www.dicomanalyser.co.uk/html/introduction.htm The site also briefly deals with the future of DICOM

9. DICOM FAQ is a basic DICOM primer available at
http://www.meb.uni-bonn.de/standards/dicom/DICOM_FAQ.html . The material, albeit not recently updated, discuses areas such as the parts in the standard, the availability of the demonstration software, compliance issues and newsgroup links

10. DICOM Implementers Cookbook is a downloadable document from
ftp://ftp-wjq.philips.com/medical/interoperability/out/DICOM_Information/CookBook.pdf . The material from Philips covers the DICOM standard, the information processing and Service Classes and issues such as media exchange of information and parts of the DICOM standard are given.

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