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Few Useful Websites related to Article/Citation Database Links (alphabetically arranged)

1. Amedeo at http://www.amedeo.com/ offers free of charge services that comprises of a weekly literature newsletters with an overview of new articles published in one's personal journal subset. A preliminary Subscription procedure is mandatory entailing selection of a topic and defining favorite journal. The Radiodiagnosis & Imaging section is located at http://www.amedeo.com/medicine/dim.htm.

BioMedNet is available at http://www.bmn.com/. Owned by Elsevier Science and part of the Reed Elsevier group of companies, BioMedNet is a premier website for biological medical researchers. Membership to BioMedNet is free, and members can search all of BioMedNet without charge. However, viewing full-text articles from publishers often requires payment or a subscription. Email alerts are available from http://my.bmn.com/myalerts/availalerts. Besides there is a reviewed list of over 3500 websites

Free Medical Journals at http://www.freemedicaljournals.com/ offers an index of medical journals that are available online free with full-text. A Journal Alert periodically informs of new updates to the 1300 or so Journals featured in the site. This site "dedicated to the promotion of free access to medical journals over the Internet" is categorized by Specialty, Titles, is available alphabetically in English and other languages. The site organised by Bernd Sebastian Kamps has links to the "Free books for doctors" portal too.

4. Highwire Press Online Articles is available at http://highwire.stanford.edu/lists/freeart.dtl. This list concentrates on e-journals published with assistance of HighWire Press, based at Stanford University Libraries, which is the considered the largest archive of free full-text science, A variety of journals are on display; including free back issues, free trial period and free site.

IndMed at http://indmed.nic.in/indmed.html is the premier online biomedical research and health care database. The database is a creation by a partnership between the ICMR and National Informatics Centre for Biomedical Information at the Department of Information Technology. 75 peer reviewed Indian Biomedical journals have been included in the IndMED database, in the first phase. The journals are expected to offer the journals from 1985 onwards. Conferred recently as the 17th International Medlar Centre, the next phase entails the development of full text database of Indian Biomedical journals.

6. Jade at http://www.biodigital.org/jade/ is a Medline search resourced form "The National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics". The word Jade denotes "Journal Abstracts Delivered Electronically". The site searches Medline every Monday and sends links to new articles by email - free. A preliminary step necessitates the selection of a topic or a journal. JADE searches are on virtually any topic catalogued in Medline.

Pubmed is reachable at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed. Developed by National Library of Medicine (NLM) (http://www.nlm.nih.gov/ ) and National Center for Biotechnology Information (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/), National Institutes of Health (http://www.nih.gov/), PubMed is a list of all bibliographic information, drawn primarily from Medline, Pre Medline, Healthstar, and Publisher-Supplied citations. Entrez is a search and retrieval system that integrates information from databases at NCBI on macromolecular structures, DNA and protein sequences. More recently, both the above databases are in a portal with a new look "Entrez PubMed". The searches are made possible by Journal Browser, MeSH (Medical Subject Headings), Citation Matchers, Clinical Queries using Research Methodology Filters.

8. Publist at http://www.publist.com/ is a searchable database providing in-depth information on familiar and hard-to-find publications from around the world. The site is a Internet-based reference for over 150,000 domestic and international print and electronic publications including magazines, journals, e-journals, newsletters, and monographs. PubList.com was founded by Frederick Bowes, III, and is based in Rockland, Massachusetts

9. Radiology Lynx is available at http://www.mdlinx.com/radiologylinx/index.cfm. This Radiology speciality portal is a part of the main MDLinx website accessible at http://www.mdlinx.com/medicalsites.cfm, that "links healthcare professionals and patients to tomorrow's medical knowledge" . Broadly, there are two ways to find information in Radiology Lynx : a) browsing each day for the top articles for that day and b) searching by basic or power search.

10. Scirus at http://scirus.com/ is a science speciality search engine. Awarded the 'Best Specialty Search Engine' in 2001 and 2002, the Scirus site organised by Elsevier Science is a comprehensive science-specific search engine on the Internet, facilitating the obtaining scientific, technical and medical data on the Web while finding the latest peer-reviewed articles and journals. Searches can be done at three levels, namely all journal sources, all Web sources or both. Besides a Scirus Toolbar is also available for downloading.


Refindia Net has its own Journal Watch Section that covers Table of Contents and Abstracts. Available at http://www.refindia.net/ref/activities/jw/toc_abs/index.htm the Table of Contents and abstracts for five important Radiology journals (AJR: American Journal of Roentgenology, Clinical Radiology, European Radiology, Radiographics and Radiology ) beginning July 2001 is presented with linking to the Pubmed site for each journal.

MedBioWorld is available at http://www.medbioworld.com/med/journals/med-bio.html. This site formerly known as "Sciencekomm", is now a large Web site for access to medical and bioscience journals, associations, and databases. Researchindex at http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/ is a scientific literature digital library focusing on scientific literature. The site based at NEC Research Institute provides algorithms, techniques, and software for literature search and evaluation.

Wholis is the library database of World Health Organization, indexing all WHO publications since 1948 onwards. Available at http://www.who.int/library/database/index.en.shtml the library database is a part of the Library & information networks for knowledge. This particularly useful database is searchable by a versatile web interface that facilitates search by words or phrase, author, title, subject, series, periodical title or publication type. A large set of links to Online Biomedical Databases from the Karolinska Institutet University Library is available at http://kib.ki.se/databas/index_en.asp

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