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Archives of Quizzes: Contents of Volume 8

The Archives of volumes 1-13 - ie till Dec 2012, are available as a CD. The CD contains around 593 quizzes that were put up on the REF site in the years 1999-2012. For details on purchasing the CD, click here.

Section Editors :

Abdominal : Dr. Dushyant Sahani
Neuro : Dr. Gaurang Shah
Head & Neck:Dr. Meher Ursekar

- Abdominal
- Breast
- Cardiac
- Chest
- Head & Neck

- Musculoskeletal
- Neuro
- Pelvis
- Vascular


A 42 year old man presented with left lower abdominal pain. A CT scan was performed.
Colo-Vesical Fistula due to Diverticulitis
A 53-years old man presented with abdominal pain. An ultrasound showed an epigastric mass.A CT scan was performed.
GIST - Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor
A 19-year old body presented with severe pain in the abdomen. USG done a week before had shown biliary dilatation. An MRCP was performed.
Ascariaris - Round-Worms in the Jejunum and Right Posterior Hepatic Duct
The following are the USG and CT images of an otherwise asymptomatic 46-year old man with icterus Biliary Cystadenoma
A 47-year old lady presented with acute right upper quadrant abdominal pain Segmental Omental Infarction
A 53-year old lady presented with chronic abdominal pain and fever
Inflammatory Bowel Disease with Systemic Thrombo-Embolism (IVC Thrombosis and Pulmonary Thrombo-Embolism)
A 70-year old lady presented with abdominal pain, distension and weight loss.
IVC Leiomyosarcoma
A 32-years old man with a history of procto-colectomy for familial adenomatous polyposis, came with the following CT appearance on post-operative scanning.
Mesenteric Fibromatosis
A 52-year-old lady presented with left lower quadrant pain. A USG was performed. A 52-year-old lady presented with left lower quadrant pain. A USG was performed.


A 45-year old man had giant inverted T waves on a routine ECG during a health check-up. A cardiac MRI was performed Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
A 66-years old man had been earlier operated for mitral and aortic valve replacements with a CABG as well. He came with chest pain and a cardiac CT was performed .  Left Atrial Appendage Thrombus
A 32-year old lady presented with evidence of pulmonary hypertension, on the echocardiogram. A CT was performed to rule out pulmonary thrombo-embolism.   Sinus Venosus ASD Anomalous Return of the Right Superior Pulmonary Vein into the SVC Pulmonary Hypertension
A 52-year old man came for a cardiac CT. He had a history of CABG done 2 years ago.  Cohn H type LIMA-LAD graft
A 56-years old man came for a cardiac CT .  Malignant Lt Main - Lt Main Arising from Rt Coronary Sinus, with an Inter-Arterial Course
A 62-year-old man with a prior history of a bypass surgery came with angina. A cardiac CT was performed
Left Subclavian Artery Stenosis Proximal to the Origin of the LIMA-LAD


An adult female presented with the chief complaints of fever and cough. A contrast enhanced CT scan of the thorax was performed  Scimitar Syndrome . 
A 45-year old man presented with progressive dyspnea. A chest radiograph (Fig. 1) and a CT scan (Figs. 2-6) were performed  Silicosis / Coal-worker's Pneumoconiosis . 
A 50-year old man presented with dyspnea. An HRCT was performed   Alveolar Microlithiasis . 
This 65-year old lady eventually was proved to have a malignant neoplasm in the right lower lobe Broncho-alveolar Carcinoma . 
This 22-year old patient came with fever and incessant cough. A plain radiograph showed superior mediastinal widening and a CT scan was performed, along with a virtual bronchoscopy study, because of the CT scan findings.  Broncho-Nodal Fistula
This 66-year old lady had two radiographs, in May 2005 and July 2005. a. Malignant
b. Doubling Time .
This 40-year old smoker, smoking 1 pack/day for 20 years, asymptomatic, came for a screening lung CT scan.   Respiratory Bronchiolitis . 
This 45-years old man came with progressive breathlessness.
Silicosis with Progressive Massive Fibrosis . 
This 7-year-old girl has a chest tube on the left for a month.   Broncho-Pleural Fistula Causing a Persistent Hydropneumothorax . 

Head & Neck

A 42-year old lady presented with acute odynophagia and a stiff neck. A plain radiograph (Fig. 1) was obtained, followed by an MRI (Figs. 2-4)
Acute Longus Colli Calcific Tendinitis
A 52-year old man being treated for classic multiple myeloma, came with pain in the right upper jaw and an oro-antral fistula. A CT was performed, with dental CT reconstructions. Maxillary Osteonecrosis secondary to Bisphosphonate Therapy
A 23-years old lady came with proptosis. CT and MRI were performed. Cysticercosis of the Inferior Rectus
A 11-year old came with left sided sensorineural hearing loss. Mondini Malformation
A 63-year-old man came for a dental CT of the upper jaw for pre-implant evaluation. Sinus Lift Procedure


A 30 year old woman comes with a 2-days history of trauma and inability to move
the shoulder. Plain radiographs were obtained.
Subcoracoid Anterior Glenohumeral Dislocation
A 54 year old male presented with gradually increasing swelling of right arm. Plain radiographs (Fig. 1) and an axial CT scan (Figs. 2, 3) of the right arm were obtained. Parosteal Osteosarcoma
A 45 year old lady presented with a mass in the forearm. Plain radiographs and a CT scan were performed. Parosteal Lipoma
A 19-year old boy presented with non-specific ankle pain. An MRI was performed. Non-Ossifying Fibroma / Fibrous Cortical Defect
A 45-year old lady presented with pain in the right shoulder
Osteonecrosis Humerus
A 52-year old man presented with backache. An MRI was performed, which showed a lesion in S1. Two month later, the lesion had increased in size (Figs. 1-4). A whole body STIR and a bone scan showed no other lesion. All other tumor markers and a whole body PET were normal as well. A CT was also performed prior to a biopsy (Figs. 5-7). Lymphoma
A 50-year old man presented with acute pain and swelling in the upper calf after climbing a flight of stairs vigorously. An MRI was performed. Tennis Leg
A 36-year old man had left shoulder pain. A plain radiograph was obtained. Synovial Osteochondromatosis
A 14-year old girl presented with right knee pain. She had a past history of injury. Flip-Flop Tear of the Lateral Meniscus
A 62-years old smoker, presented with bilateral leg pains for the last 1-2 weeks, of acute onset, without history of trauma. Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy
A 23-year- old woman presented with a painful swelling in the upper arm. A USG (Figs. 1,2) was performed.Cysticercus Granuloma
A 33-year- old man came with severe backache. a. Discogram
b. L4/5 Annular Tear causing a Postero-Central Herniation


A three and half year old male child presented with a recent onset of progressive weakness of the right upper and lower limb. A plain MRI of the brain was performed Leigh's Disease
A 56-year old man presented with recurrent TIAs. A specialized MRI study was performed 1. Carotid plaque study
2. Lipid core
A 2- 1/2 years old boy had a history of fever at the age of one year, followed by progressive loss of milestones. Metachromatic Leukodystrophy
A 39-years old lady presented with headache. MRI with MRV were performed.  Occipital Sinus


A 32-years old man came with a discharging focus in the left perineal region. Gd II Inter-Sphincteric Fistula with a Secondary Tract

Vascular & Interventional

This is a 46-year old man undergoing a CT-guided interventional procedure Lumbar Sympathectomy



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