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Archives of Quizzes: Contents of Volume 7

The Archives of volumes 1-13 - ie till Dec 2012, are available as a CD. The CD contains around 593 quizzes that were put up on the REF site in the years 1999-2012. For details on purchasing the CD, click here.

Section Editors :

Abdominal : Dr. Dushyant Sahani
Neuro : Dr. Gaurang Shah
Head & Neck:Dr. Meher Ursekar

- Abdominal
- Breast
- Cardiac
- Chest
- Head & Neck

- Musculoskeletal
- Neuro
- Pelvis
- Vascular


 A middle aged Asian male, 45 years of age, presented with of episodes of increased blood pressure and mild discomfort in the right side of the abdomen.
 Adrenal Cyst
  A 65-year old lady came with acute onset pain and tenderness in the left lower quadrant.
 Non-rotation / Malrotation of Bowel with Appendicitis
 A 7-year old boy presented with abdominal pain and vomiting. An ultrasound was performed (Figs. 1, 2).
 Intusussception due to Roundworms
 A 10-month old baby had PU junction obstruction of the left kidney, for which she was operated. The USG images show hydronephrosis with echogenic foci within.
 Fungal (Aspergillus) Infection
 A 60-year old man with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung came for an MRI of the upper abdomen.
 1. In-phase & opposed-phase images
2. Adrenal adenoma
 A 35-year old man presented with lower quadrant pain, guarding and hematuria.
 Jejunal, Retroperitoneal and Renal Pelvic Hematomas / Hemorrhage in a Patient on Anti-Coagulant Therapy
 A 60-year old lady presented with a history of left upper quadrant pain.
 Mesenteric Panniculitis
 An 80-year old man with a past history of partial gastrectomy for recurrent peptic ulcer, now presents with abdominal pain. A CT scan was performed.
 Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome
 A 24-year old man presented with pain in the right abdomen. A multi-phasic multi-planar CT scan was performed.
 Right Uretero-Vesical Junction Calculus with Obstructive Dense Nephrogram


 A 52-year old lady presented with an indeterminate nodule on mammography.
A dynamic contrast-enhanced breast MRI was performed for further characterization.
 A 60-year old lady came with a palpable breast lump. A mammogram was performed, with a BB used to localized the lesion.
 A 56-year old woman, presented with a lump in the breast. Mammograms (Figs. 1, 2) were obtained.
 Multifocal Carcinoma


 A 63 year old man has been treated earlier for coronary artery disease. A cardiac CT was performed.
 a. LIMA-LAD graft
b. Circumflex artery

 A 42-year old man presented with mild chest pain and was referered for a cardiac CT.
 Bridging of the RCA
 A 40-year old patient with a family history of coronary artery disease and mild hypercholesterolemia, presented for a cardiac CT.
 Coronary artery ectasia
 A 25-year old lady presented with a congenital anomaly. A gated cardiac CT was performed
 Sinus Venosus ASD with Anomalous Drainage of Right Superior Pulmonary Vein into SVC
 A 43-year old, asymptomatic man, presented for a cardiac CT.
 Bicuspid Aortic Valve
 A 60-year old man presented with chest pain. The ECG was suggestive of ischemia and a cardiac CT was performed.
 Anomalous Origin of the Left Coronary Artery from the Main Pulmonary Artery (ALCAPA)


 A 45 year old, non-immunocompromised, chronic smoker, presented with a 2-weeks history of gradually increasing dyspnea. An HRCT of the lungs was performed
 Respiratory Bronchiolitis - ILD (RB-ILD) or Desquamative Interstitial Pneumonitis (DIP)
 A 23-year old woman presented with a sore throat, cough, mild nausea, and high-grade fever. She was diagnosed as having tonsillitis. A CT of the chest was performed (Figs. 1-3) with a color Doppler ultrasound (Fig. 4) of the neck.
 Lemierre's Syndrome
 A 31-year old male presented with 3 month history of chronic low grade fever, cough, elevated ESR and eosinophilia- not responding to treatment.
 Ruptured Hydatid Cyst
 A 45-year old lady presented with gradually progressive breathlessness. She had a history of hysterectomy done 18 months back which was followed by complications and required prolonged hospital stay including ventilator support.
 Post-ARDS Lung Fibrosis
 A 66 year old man presented with an abnormal chest radiograph. A CT scan was performed.
 Rounded Atelectasis
 A 10-month old child presented with an abnormal chest radiograph. What is the diagnosis?
 Foramen of Morgagni Hernia
 A 54 year old lady presented with fever, polyarthralgia and microscopic
hematuria of recent onset. An HRCT (Figs. 1-4) was performed.
 Wegener's Granulomatosis
 A 40 year old man, being treated for myasthenia gravis was referred for a CT of the chest.
 Aberrant Origin of the Right
Subclavian Artery (ARSA)
 A 56-year old man presented with hemoptysis. Following chest radiographs, a CT scan was performed
 Poland Syndrome / Anomaly

Head & Neck

 A 42 year old man presented with nausea and vomiting. Plain radiographs were obtained. Please read the question properly.
 Fibrous Dysplasia of the Maxillary Bone


 A 15 year old boy presented with left hip pain.
 A 38-year old man presented with pain and tenderness over the L2 spinous process. The plain radiograph was unremarkable. Following an MRI, a CT scan was performed.
 Osteoid Osteoma
 A 32-year old man presented with a swelling over the forearm.
 Ulnar nerve neuroma
 A 45-year old lady, who had recently started brisk walking, came with pain in the heel. A plain radiograph was obtained.
 Stress fracture of the calcaneum
 A 20-year old man presented with a history of a motor vehicle accident.
 Pseudo-Dislocation of the Right Sterno-Clavicular Joint
 A 58-year old woman presented with pain and swelling in the right upper thigh for the last few days.
 Malignant Melanoma
 A 22-year old man presented with acute onset pain in the left gluteal / thigh region. A plain radiograph was normal, so an MRI was performed (Figs. 1-3)
 Gluteus Maximus Ilio-Tibial Tract Injury with Sprain and Partial Separation / Avulsion
 A 47-year old man presented with neck pain following motor vehicle accident. A CT was done to rule out a cervical spine fracture.
 Thyroglossal Cyst


 This is a 13 year old boy with acute lymphatic leukemia who completed chemotherapy and then presented with altered sensorium.
 Superior Sagittal Sinus Thrombosis
 A 51year old male, a chronic alcoholic living in a slum, presented with drowsiness, altered sensorium and blurred vision of three days duration.
 Methanol Poisonin
 A 43 year old HIV positive lady was treated for retinal detachment, following a CMV infection.
 Migration of Silicone Oil from the Vitreous to the Ventricles
 A 16-year old boy presented with generalised convulsions for one week. There was no neurological deficit and developmental milestones were normal. MRI was performed.
 Focal Balloon Cortical Dysplasia
 A 23 year old woman presented with progressively increasing headache, vomiting and blurring of vision since three months. A contrast-enhanced CT scan (Fig. 1) and a contrast-enhanced MRI (Figs. 2,3) were obtained.
 Multiple Cerebellar Hemangioblastomas (Von-Hippel Lindau Syndrome)
 A 10-year old girl with learning disabilities was referred for MRI brain (Figs. 1-4).
 Joubert Syndrome
 A 30-year old man presented with tingling in the mid-face region. An MRI was performed (Figs. 1-3)
 Trigeminal Nerve Schwannoma


 A lady, 33-weeks pregnant presented for an ante-natal USG.
 CHAOS - congenital high airway obstruction
 A young lady presented with mild abdominal pain. An ultrasound of the pelvis was performed. She was eventually proved to have bilateral adnexal masses. Please read the question carefully.
 1. Bilateral ovarian dermoids
2. "Tip of the iceberg" sign


 This 32 year old patient had a incidental finding on this CT scan..
 Congenital Interruption of the IVC
 This 63-year old male, a case of CRF on regular hemodialysis, with an AV fistula
in the left hand, presented with an expansile swelling in the left ante-cubital fossa. USG and color Doppler were performed.
 Pseudoaneursym of the Brachial Artery
 This is a 32-year old man who presented with significant hematuria following abdominal trauma. A CT angiogram was performed.
 Renal Artery Pseudoaneurysm



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