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Section Editors :

Abdominal Dr. Dushyant Sahani
Head & NeckDr. Meher Ursekar
Neuro Dr. Gaurang Shah

Quizzes By Region:

-Head & Neck


A 47-year-old man presented with a recent episode of pain in the right upper quadrant and jaundice. He also had a long standing history of dyspepsia
Choledocholithiasis with annular pancreas
A 13-year-old girl presented with a episodic pain in the left lower abdomen for three months with a palpable lump in the pelvis. Menarche had been achieved six months prior to the study with scanty irregular menstruation
Uterus didelphy with obstructed hemivagina and ipsilateral renal agenesis (Class III MDA)
A 65-year-old lady treated for bilateral carcioma of the breast came for a CT scan of the chest for a suspicious lung nodule
Focal fatty infiltration of the liver
An 18-year-old nulliparous lady presented with a history of straining during defecation and incomplete evacuation for 5-6 years with a recent history of “something bulging out” through the anal canal during defecation a. MRI Defecography
b. Cystocele, uterine prolapse and rectal descent
A 48-year-old woman presented to a gastroenterologist with loss of appetite of 6 months duration. On clinical examination, there was mild icterus. The laboratory investigations revealed: direct bilirubin - 2.5 mg/dl; alkaline Phosphatase - 220IU/L; serum amylase - 80 U/L. USG of the abdomen revealed abnormal pancreatic echotexture and raised suspicion of malignancy. Contrast-enhanced CT scan was performed Auto-immune pancreatitis with focal pleuro-parenchymal lesions: IgG4-related sclerosing disease
A 35-year-old woman presented with mild discomfort in the lower abdomen and menstrual irregularity. USG done elsewhere showed a left adnexal cystic lesion (Figure 1). The CA-125 level was 200 µg/mL. A contrast-enhanced CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis was performed (Figure 2).
Peritoneal inclusion cyst of the left ovary
A 60-year-old man presented with frequency, urgency, dysuria and generalized fever and malaise for six weeks. His serum PSA was 12 ng/ml. Prostate Abscess
A 24-year-old, multiparous woman presented with a feeling of a lump in the lower abdomen with discomfort. An USG had shown a cystic ovarian neoplasm. An MRI pelvis was performed Collision Tumor of the Right Ovary
A 54-year-old patient with known hepatitis B virus (HBV) related cirrhosis, on regular follow-up, presented with multiple focal lesions in the liver (Fig. 1). The serum alpha fetoprotein (AFP) level was 14. Confluent Hepatic Fibrosis
A 32-year-old man presented with dysuria. An MRI was performed. Cowper’s Gland Syringocele
A 17-year-old girl presented with pain in the abdomen, vomiting and fever for a few weeks. Peritoneal Tuberculosis (Abdominal Cocoon)
An 18-year-old female presented with three episodes of macroscopic hematuria over two days. Ultrasound examination done elsewhere was reported as normal. CT Urography was performed to look for the cause.
Left Renal Vein Hypertension (Nutcracker Syndrome)


A 22-year-old lady presented with dyspnea, cough and expectoration. She had a series of radiographs from Sept 2011 to March 2012.
Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis (ABPA)
A 56-year old man presented with gradually progressive breathlessness.
Abestosis with Malignancy in the right Lower Lobe
A 48-year-old patient came with cough
Foramen of Morgagni hernia
A 33-year-old man came with breathlessness
A 64-year-old man came with gradually progressive breathlessness over 9 months.
Invasive Mucinous Adenocarcinoma
A 55-year- old woman came with progressive breathlessness. She was a known case of interstitial lung disease and had two CT scans done 2 years apart.  
Subacute hypersensitivity pneumonitis with progression to chronic disease
A 3-month-old infant came with breathlessness.  
Congenital lobar emphysema
A 55-year-old long standing smoker with gradually progressive breathlessness, came with a recent episode of acute breathlessness A. Combined pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema (CPFE)
B. Desquamative interstitial pneumonitis (DIP)
A 25-year-old non-smoker male came with acute breathlessness and had to be admitted in the intensive care unit Miliary Tuberculosis
A 57-year- old woman had an incidental nodule discovered on a routine check-up
Lung Cancer
A 36-year-old man came with cough and fever. A CT scan was performed. Sarcoidosis
A 22-year-old lady came with cough and fever. Right Lower Lobe Bronchus Occlusion


A 54-year-old man presented with pain in the region of the left hip and greater trochanter for 3 months. Calcific Tendonitis of Gluteus Medius
A 33-year-old man presented with knee instability. ACL Avulsion Fracture of Tibial Attachment
A 67-year-old man presented with pain in the right half of the pelvis Paget’s Disease
A 23-year-old man presented with pain in the foot and ankle Calcaneonavicular Coalition
A 24-year-old cricket bowler presented with pain during bowling Superior Labrum Anterior to Posterior (SLAP) Type III Tear
A 46-year-old diabetic presented with pain in the forefoot and plantar swelling Diabetic Neuroarthropathy
27-year-old came with backache. Giant Cell tumor
A 9-year-old boy came with swelling in the left arm Osteochondroma
A 33-year-old came with pain and swelling in the 4th finger with a history of prior trauma. A2 Pulley Tear
A 25-year-old man presented with recurrent episodes of pain and swelling in the lower third of the right leg after playing badminton. Peroneus Muscle Hernia
A 39-year-old man came with a history of trauma 18 months back and a current history of pain and restriction of movement at the knee joint Post-ACL reconstruction – Cyclops lesion
A 25-year-old came with pain and swelling along the lateral aspect of the ankle. Anterior talofibular ligament tear with bony avulsion of the talar attachment
A 66-year-old man had pain along the right hip. A plain radiograph of the pelvis and both hips was performed. Paget’s Disease
A 23-year-old lady came with pain and swelling of the wrist joint for six months, gradually progressive. Tuberculosis
A 33-year-old man came with wrist pain after trauma Scapholunate Ligament Tear
A 67-year-old woman being treated for osteoporosis for the last 8 years came with pain in the left hip joint Bisphosphonate Induced Fracture of the Left Femur

A 34-year-old man comes with pain in the left shoulder joint following trauma

Subscapularis Tendon Tear

A 78-year-old man comes with acute pain in the right hip and inability to walk following a trivial fall

Paget’s Disease

A 43-year-old woman comes with pain in the knee joint
Juxta-Articular Chondroma


A 55-year-old male patient presented with a history of headache  Intradiploic Epidermoid Cyst
- Cord ependymoma


Head & Neck

A 2-month-old baby presented with 2 episodes of stridor Subglottic hemangioma
A 15-year-old boy came with a gradually increasing swelling in the floor of the mouth with mild difficulty in swallowing. There was no fever or local pain or tenderness Epidermoid cyst in the sublingual space
A 25-year-old lady came with a long-standing history of difficulty in swallowing Lingual thyroid
A 60-year-old man presented with a history of swelling in the right side of the neck Infected second branchial cleft cyst Type 2
- Left vertebral artery pseudoaneurysm
A 5-year-old boy presented with left sided congenital sensorineural hearing loss Common cavity malformation of the Inner Ear
A 6-year-old girl presented with left sided congenital sensorineural hearing loss Large vestibular aqueduct (LVA)
A 14-year-old girl presented with a pulsatile neck swelling Extracranial carotid artery pseudoaneurysm
- Glomus Jugulotympanicum


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